Usher Reacts to Son Using His Phone to Message Singer for a Favor

Usher's son orchestrates surprise encounter with pop star."

by Nouman Rasool
Usher Reacts to Son Using His Phone to Message Singer for a Favor
© Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Usher found himself in an unexpected comedic twist when he noticed peculiar direct messages in his social media account. The R&B legend, aged 45, stumbled upon a conversation that clearly wasn’t his doing. The recipient? An account adorned with a "Powerpuff Girls" character as its profile picture.

As it turned out, the mystery messager was none other than his 15-year-old son, Naviyd. Naviyd had sneakily used his father's phone to contact PinkPantheress, a 23-year-old pop sensation known for her viral hits. The bold move involved Naviyd asking the singer to follow his Instagram page.

PinkPantheress responded with amusement and disbelief: "hahahahahaa, this is wild!" Surprised by her reply, Naviyd expressed his shock and gratitude for her engaging with his post.

Unexpected Concert Invite

Upon discovering the exchange, Usher reached out to PinkPantheress to apologize for the unexpected message.

Displaying her gracious nature, the singer invited Usher and Naviyd to one of her shows. The event culminated with Naviyd attending the concert and even snapping a picture with the star, turning an awkward blunder into a memorable father-son outing.

Reflecting on the incident, Usher revealed mixed feelings. While he was initially upset about the breach of trust, he couldn't help but admire his son’s determination. "This was a great moment for Naviyd... this was him moving on something he was passionate about," Usher said.

He acknowledged the violation of trust but also recognized the initiative and drive it took for his son to make such a moment happen: "From a text, to a concert, to meeting the artist—he masterminded this whole thing." Usher concluded with a light-hearted yet stern reflection, "Yes, he violated my trust in the process, and for that, I will never trust him around my phone again, but I should have known better.

Nonetheless, I appreciate the hustle and him making it happen. #HustleHard." This incident, quirky yet quintessentially heartfelt, not only showcases a young boy’s boldness but also underscores the dynamic, often unpredictable, nature of celebrity family life.