Machine Gun Kelly Praises Taylor Swift as 'a Saint' on H-t Ones Challenge

Exploring the unexpected camaraderie among top celebrities

by Zain ul Abedin
Machine Gun Kelly Praises Taylor Swift as 'a Saint' on H-t Ones Challenge
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In a spicy twist on the usual celebrity banter, Machine Gun Kelly recently showcased his admiration for Taylor Swift during an episode of H-t Ones Versus, hosted alongside fellow rapper Trippie Redd. The 34-year-old musician was put to the test with scorching questions as they munched on equally fiery wings.

The episode took an interesting turn when Redd challenged MGK to "burn bridges" by asking him to utter three harsh words about Taylor Swift. However, MGK, known for his candid nature, refused to take the bait. “You must be out of your mind if you think I want any trouble with that fanbase," he exclaimed, referring to Swift's famously protective followers, the Swifties.

MGK went on to praise Swift, calling her "a saint" and emphasizing how kind she has been to him. His respect for the pop icon was palpable as he continued, "Taylor is very, very nice!” Trippie Redd playfully retorted, suggesting MGK might as well "kiss her feet," highlighting the intensity of his compliments.

MGK's Celebrity Connections

The conversation also veered towards MGK's close friendship with NFL star Travis Kelce. Previously, on a FaceTime call during the New Heights podcast with Jason and Travis Kelce, MGK humorously offered Kelce "$1 million spending money" to leave the Kansas City Chiefs for the Cleveland Browns—$500,000 in cash and an equal donation to their alma maters in Cleveland.

Despite the lighthearted proposition, MGK clarified that he wasn’t serious about covering Kelce's entire NFL paycheck. This episode aired months after a notable encounter at the 2024 Super Bowl celebrations held at Zouk Nightclub in Resorts World Las Vegas, where MGK and his partner Megan Fox bumped into both Swift and Kelce.

The event underscored the intertwined relationships and mutual respect among these high-profile celebrities. Machine Gun Kelly's refusal to speak ill of Swift, despite the spicy challenge, not only highlights his respect for fellow artists but also illustrates the camaraderie that often exists behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

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