NYTimes Releases Video of On-Set Injury Accident During Eddie Murphy's 'The Pickup'

Film set mishap leads to serious safety investigations.

by Nouman Rasool
NYTimes Releases Video of On-Set Injury Accident During Eddie Murphy's 'The Pickup'
© Lars Niki/Getty Images

A chilling on-set accident between an armored truck and an SUV being used in the production of Eddie Murphy's newest movie, "The Pickup," was captured in the frightening cellphone video published by The New York Times on Wednesday.

The cellphone video captures the April 20 accident during a stunt scene, where many were injured and hospitalized. In the released footage of the accident, there is a crucial moment where an armored truck abruptly swerves aggressively along the side of an SUV and then pulls abruptly into the path of the SUV, forcing both vehicles off the road and careening onto a grassy verge, where both flipped over.

Stunt Malfunction Probed

It has been established that it was a planned stunt, but the causes for malfunctioning are yet to be published. Investigations have been opened by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees to find the root cause of the accident.

Amazon's MGM Studios, serving as the executive producers for Eddie Murphy's film "The Pickup," issued a formal statement in response to the recent on-set accident. They expressed deep concern over the incident and reiterated their commitment to ensuring the utmost safety of all crew members involved.

Highlighting the importance of safety as their top priority, the studio assured that they are actively reviewing safety protocols and will take necessary actions to prevent such incidents in the future. "April 20th, an accident on the set of the 'The Pickup' during a rehearsed second unit action sequence, unfortunately went awry and caused several injuries," says the spokesperson.

Really, they did attempt to stress that safety was their priority and every measure had been reviewed and monitored. However, the accident still left some doubts about the efficacy of the current safety measures during high-risk film stunts.

This has broadened the debate in the film world over safety protocols concerning action scenes and how they are implemented. Hopefully, more investigation will come and explain such accidents may not be repeated in the near future.

The safety of a cast and crew is a priority even now, as the industry looks to reinforce the standards of protection for those who bring cinema to life.