Jimmie Allen Faced Daily Suicidal Thoughts Following Assault Allegations

Jimmie Allen confronts legal challenges and personal crises.

by Nouman Rasool
Jimmie Allen Faced Daily Suicidal Thoughts Following Assault Allegations
© Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Country music star Jimmie Allen has shared the deep battles he had with his mental health after being accused of se---l assault. In a particularly frank discussion, Allen told Kathie Lee Gifford he spent every day wanting to die during this painful time.These allegations first arose in May 2023, when a former manager accused Allen of se---l abuse carried out over one and a half years.

As People magazine noted, that had much to do with Allen's life although the charges were eventually dropped. 'Best Shot' singer Allen shared that he wasn't worried about his career so much as not being able to care for his children.

He took to social media to apologize to his estranged wife, Alexis Gale, and children for the harm his affair had brought them. The case took a darker turn when two additional women reported being se---lly assaulted by Allen.

Legal Battles Escalate

Allen responded with counterclaims, maintaining that the encounters were consensual, as per court documents reviewed by Fox News Digital. Amidst these legal battles, Allen described losing several business deals, which pushed him into a darker mental state.

Reflecting on his darkest moments, Allen shared a chilling account with Gifford: “It hit me. My life insurance covers suicide. I don’t feel that way now, but in that moment, when you feel like you have nothing left and society assumes your guilt, it’s devastating”.

He recounted preparing to end his life when an unexpected message from his friend Chuck Adams stopped him. The simple, powerful words, "Ending it isn't the answer," prompted Allen to seek help. He handed over his gun to a friend, and his mother and fellow artists quickly rallied around him, offering support and love.

Allen's journey through depression continued as he grappled with the value of his life, particularly during financial pressures. "Every single day, I remember battling: Do I want to live? Do I not want to live?" he confessed.

However, over time, his perspective shifted from questioning his suffering to seeking lessons from his experiences. Today, Allen focuses on healing and learning, motivated by his role as a father to his children, including his son Aadyn from a previous relationship, daughters Naomi and Zara, son Cohen with Alexis, and twins Amari and Aria with another partner.