Jack Wagner on Healing: Learning to 'Let Go'

Jack Wagner opens up about career choices and loss

by Zain ul Abedin
Jack Wagner on Healing: Learning to 'Let Go'
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Veteran actor and singer Jack Wagner, known for his iconic roles and melodious voice, has openly shared his journey towards personal and spiritual growth, emphasizing the power of letting go. At 64, the star of "When Calls the Heart" reflects on his decades in the limelight and the wisdom he's garnered through the years.

In an intimate conversation with PEOPLE, Wagner disclosed how age has bestowed upon him the ability to detach from past obsessions and disturbances. "I'm able to let go of things I used to attach to, obsess about and that disturbed me," he explained.

This newfound perspective, he notes, allows him to place his ego and its desires into a clearer, more mature perspective. Wagner's adventure began in 1982 when he moved to Los Angeles, quickly landing his breakout role as Frisco Jones on "General Hospital." Reflecting on those early days, he reminisced about the surreal experience of massive fan engagement and how it propelled his music career.

Wagner released six albums, including the hit single "All I Need," which soared to the top of the charts after he performed it on the soap opera.

Regrets and Resilience

However, not all decisions came without regrets. Wagner expressed a poignant what-if regarding his music career - particularly his decision to release the uptempo track "Premonition" over the ballad "Lady of My Heart," which he believes could have secured him another number-one record.

Beyond his career, Wagner has faced profound personal challenges, notably the tragic loss of his son Harrison in June 2022 to an accidental drug overdose. This loss led to the creation of the Harrison Wagner Scholarship Fund, a tribute by Wagner and his ex-wife Kristina, aiming to support young addicts in need of treatment and recovery.

Reflecting on his life's journey, Wagner stressed the importance of being present and mindful. "I can get into the present moment, center myself and ask, how important is it?" he said. This approach helps him witness and release the burdens of the past, facilitating a process he describes as healing.

As Wagner continues to share his lessons and growth, he remains a fixture on the Hallmark Channel, where "When Calls the Heart" airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET, offering fans a weekly glimpse into the depth and resilience of his character.

Through his public and private trials, Wagner exemplifies how personal losses and time can transform pain into wisdom and healing.