Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Trump, Forecasts 'Epic' Prison Term

Kimmel Takes Aim in Latest Political Commentary Skit.

by Nouman Rasool
Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Trump, Forecasts 'Epic' Prison Term
© Mindy Small/Getty Images

In a recent courthouse showdown, Jimmy Kimmel didn't hold back, swinging back at Donald Trump's latest public gripe. As the former president's high-profile legal battle dragged on, Kimmel issued a response which would make everybody look.

Trump, now caught in the first of four pending criminal trials, railed in frustration outside the courthouse on Tuesday. He lamented his inability to campaign, contrasting his situation with that of President Joe Biden, who is out there involved in campaigns.

"He can't campaign, nobody knows what he's doing. He can't put two sentences together," Trump mocked. That shot at Biden highlighted Trump's belief that his own legal entanglements could paradoxically benefit him by keeping him in the public eye.

But Kimmel, quick with his wit, took this opportunity to seize the moment and use Trump's very words against him with a little bit of a pointed joke. Kimmel fired back on his late-night show, "Well you can [put sentences together].

Politics Meets Punchlines

"You're about to put two prison sentences together, and maybe even three, possibly four." Past just punning on Trump's words, the quip referred to the serious legal challenges he now faces, including an ongoing trial in New York over the Stormy Daniels hush money case.

Such an exchange underlines really the intersection of politics and entertainment, where figures such as Kimmel use their platforms to comment on and critique political developments. Kimmel's quote echoes another very general development in late-night television where hosts engage in more political discourses, most of the time balancing on the line between comedy and commentary.

As Trump swims through his troubles, public discourse on his legal woes just grows louder, with all manner of talking head weighing in. Kimmel's ability to distill complex political situations into succinct, quotable one-liners illustrates the function played by late-night hosts in shaping public opinion and holding political leaders accountable to the people.

And this never-ending soap opera not only keeps Trump in the news cycle, but it kindles political debate and ensures that the former president remains a central figure in American political discourse, just at a time when he is trying to cope with his legal travails.