Adam Scott Sings 'A Whole New World' to Maya Rudolph in 'Loot'

Apple TV+'s 'Loot' delivers another episode of unexpected surprises

by Zain ul Abedin
Adam Scott Sings 'A Whole New World' to Maya Rudolph in 'Loot'
© Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

In an exclusive sneak peek at Apple TV+'s "Loot," tension fills the air as Adam Scott's character, Josh Novak, orchestrates a high-tech birthday surprise for Maya Rudolph's Molly Wells, only to receive a less-than-enthusiastic response.

As Molly steps into the Wells Foundation headquarters, she's greeted by an extravagant display of flowers and candles meticulously arranged throughout her office. Her colleagues eagerly watch as she discovers a remote inside a gift box teasingly labeled "open me." Her curiosity turns to disbelief as she presses the button, sparking a hologram of her ex-husband, Josh, who viewers remember hooked up with his much younger assistant in a scandalous twist during the show's first season.

"What the f--- is this?" Molly exclaims, setting the tone for what becomes an awkward celebration. The hologram of Josh, a tech mogul who reveals he is in training for a space trip, starts recounting memories of their past birthdays together.

He fondly recalls their first celebration, where they "drank too much soju and did karaoke all night" before revealing his intention to sing "A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin - the same song they once sang together.

As Josh begins his rendition, the room's atmosphere shifts from anticipation to discomfort. Molly and her assistant Nicholas, played by Joel Kim Booster, are visibly unimpressed, echoing the sentiment of their colleagues who can't hide their bemusement.

Molly's Disastrous Birthday

"Oh, for f---'s sake. What an a--hole!" Molly declares as the song drones on, and Nicholas, baffled by the bizarre spectacle, covers his face in dismay. "Loot," created by Matt Hubbard and Alan Yang, debuted in June 2022 and quickly captured audiences with its blend of humor and drama.

The series chronicles the life of 45-year-old billionaire divorcée Molly Wells as she navigates her new role at the helm of a charitable foundation she inadvertently founded after her tumultuous divorce from Josh. The ensemble cast, including Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Ron Funches, Nat Faxon, Stephanie Styles, and Meagen Fay, enriches the narrative, bringing diverse perspectives to the storyline.

As the show returned for its second season on April 3, it continues to deliver fresh episodes every Wednesday, promising more twists and character development. This glimpse into "Loot" not only highlights the intricate dynamics between ex-spouses but also sets the stage for the unfolding drama in a series that blends real emotion with comedic timing.