Jon Bon Jovi on Band's 40-Year Legacy: 'Great Pride'

Bon Jovi's latest revelations offer a personal perspective

by Zain ul Abedin
Jon Bon Jovi on Band's 40-Year Legacy: 'Great Pride'
© Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Jon Bon Jovi, the iconic rocker, reflects on his incredible 40-year journey in the music industry as he prepares for the release of Hulu's documentary, "Thank You, Goodnight," scheduled to premiere on April 26. The series not only chronicles Bon Jovi's ascent from a hopeful musician to a global rock legend but also delves into the trials and triumphs that have marked the band's storied career.

Starting out as a go-fer at New York City's Power Station recording studio, Bon Jovi's early experiences shaped his understanding of stardom. "The biggest stars were also the kindest," he recalls, noting how figures like the Rolling Stones would pause to engage with even the smallest staff.

These moments of kindness left a lasting impression, teaching him the value of humility and hard work. By the mid-1980s, Bon Jovi had transitioned from fetching coffee to launching his band's first major hit, "Runaway." This breakthrough set the stage for their explosive rise to fame, culminating in the 1986 release of "Slippery When Wet." The album, featuring anthems like "You Give Love a Bad Name" and "Livin’ on a Prayer," catapulted Bon Jovi and his bandmates into the rock and roll stratosphere.

Despite their commercial success and a following that spans the globe, Bon Jovi faced significant challenges. The documentary doesn't shy away from discussing topics like substance abuse within the band and the unexpected departure of guitarist Richie Sambora.

Bon Jovi himself recently confronted severe vocal cord issues that threatened his career, a struggle that forced him to reconsider his approach to life and happiness.

Embracing Joy Again

"The joy I found in singing was almost taken from me," Bon Jovi shares.

His recovery from surgery and the therapeutic process led to a newfound appreciation for the smaller moments. "It’s about embracing the day, not seizing it aggressively," he explains. As Bon Jovi looks forward to the release of the band's 16th album, "Forever," this June, he is reflective and optimistic.

The album represents his journey back to joy and a celebration of what truly matters - love, loyalty, and living fully. At home, his source of pride extends beyond music to his family. Married for 35 years to Dorothea, with whom he shares four children, Bon Jovi credits his sustained success both on and off the stage to the support and love of his family.

As Bon Jovi continues to influence new generations of musicians, he offers a piece of advice he wishes he had embraced earlier: "Take the time to enjoy every phase of it." This mindset, he believes, is essential for anyone aspiring to make their mark in the challenging yet rewarding world of music.

With this documentary, fans old and new will get a closer look at the man behind the music and the enduring legacy of Bon Jovi.