Jimmy Kimmel Turns Trump's Favorite Jab Back at Him in Stinky Retort

Jimmy Kimmel spices up late-night with courtroom satire

by Zain ul Abedin
Jimmy Kimmel Turns Trump's Favorite Jab Back at Him in Stinky Retort
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On Monday evening, Jimmy Kimmel couldn't help but revel in the bizarre yet humorous allegations surrounding Donald Trump during his criminal trial in the Stormy Daniels hush money case. According to the progressive media outlet MeidasTouch, Trump reportedly added an unexpected and somewhat comedic element to the courtroom proceedings by allegedly passing gas.

Kimmel, with his trademark wit, commented on the situation: "Just when you think the insane-o-meter has topped out, Donald Trump adds farting to his list of atrocities. We’re in un-sharted territory here." However, the late-night host was quick to clarify that this claim has not been independently verified.

"So I cannot in good conscience report that Trump was pumping gas like a Barstow Texaco," he quipped, continuing with a nod to Trump's own communication style: "But I can report - to borrow a phrase he likes to use when spreading rumors - many people are saying he was farting in court."

Kimmel's Cautionary Humor

The ripple effects of these reports were immediately visible online, with humorous tags like "ODOR IN THE COURT" and #TrumpStinks gaining traction on social media platform X.

In response, Kimmel engaged in some creative fun, doctoring courtroom sketches to depict jurors wearing gas masks and producing videos that featured Trump's speeches being comically interrupted by flatulence sounds. Despite the jovial atmosphere these reports generated, Kimmel urged caution and a degree of responsibility.

He playfully pleaded with his audience not to spread the videos, especially since the allegations remain unconfirmed. "There’s no way to prove Donald Trump was the one who dealt it, so please don’t repost this video with a dumb caption like ‘Julius Squeezer’ or ‘The Shart Of The Deal’ or ‘You Have The Right To Remain Silent But Deadly’ because we don’t know if any of this is true," he stated.