Gogglebox Duo Stephen and Daniel Lustig-Webb Address Divorce

Stephen and Daniel showcase unity post-split on Instagram.

by Nouman Rasool
Gogglebox Duo Stephen and Daniel Lustig-Webb Address Divorce
© Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Gogglebox stars Stephen and Daniel Lustig-Webb have revealed their friendship is still going strong despite their split, and fans have been left in tears over the show of solidarity. The couple, best known for the lovable chemistry they shared on the popular Channel 4 series, first graced the television screens in 2013.

However, in 2023, they decided to make their exit from the show, citing their pursuit of new ventures and extending thanks to the production team and fans for having supported them over the years. The couple, it will be remembered, made headlines just recently when it was announced that they had broken up.

Stephen reportedly stated, "It's with much sadness that Daniel and I have decided to divorce." He further added, "There is, and always will be, a lot of love there, but we've unfortunately grown apart and made the decision to part ways." Echoing similar emotions, Daniel told The Sun on Sunday, "It is a very sad decision that I still believe is the right one for both of us." He assured the paper of the strength of their bond: "I’m sure we will forever be friends." Highlighted here is the strength of their relationship, despite the marital split.

Enduring Friendship Prevails

In a show of unity and to dispel rumours of bad blood, the couple recently took to Instagram to show off an outing in Brighton, where they celebrated the birthday of Daniel's mum, Ellie Lustig.

In the video, the two take a bike ride along the cityscape, captioned humorously to the effect that they still are "bffs" (best friends forever). This public show of friendship by the estranged couple, having warmed up the hearts of their followers, showed that its actions are in keeping with maintaining a post-divorce positive relationship.

Veterans of the Gogglebox show, their dynamics brought so much joy and relatability to their viewers that their friendly parting was a very touching chapter in their public life. The Stephen and Daniel story has been much appreciated by sympathizers for the frankness and dignity through which they have carried their personal challenges, just as the trials of change have been surmounted by respect and friendship in the glare of publicity.