‘Dune 2’ Approaches $700M Worldwide Box Office Milestone

"Dune 2" excels, drawing crowds with exclusive showings.

by Nouman Rasool
‘Dune 2’ Approaches $700M Worldwide Box Office Milestone
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Denis Villeneuve's epic sci-fi saga "Dune: Part Two" is now barreling toward a gargantuan $700 million global box office. The movie has now entered its eighth week of release, and from North America alone, it is reeling in $276 million.

Meanwhile, it has garnered $419 million from the international box office to collect a nearly $695.8 million. That's a significant post-COVID achievement, considering that in the post-COVID world, there are only a few movies that have crossed the $700 million line: five in 2023, eight in 2022, and five in 2021.

That makes "Dune 2" the highest-grossing film domestically and globally in 2024. The UK takes the lead with $48.8 million, then China with $48.5 million, France with $42.6 million, Germany with $39.7 million, and Australia with $22.5 million.

All this good fortune did nothing if not to emphasize further the tremendous international appeal and market performance of the film.

Theatrical Release Boosts 'Dune 2'

Disgusting its original by an approximate amount of $433 million worldwide, despite premiering on HBO Max, the release of "Dune: Part Two" has received the uptick of exclusive theatrical windowing.

It was a success from a marketing standpoint: the numbers reflect that it got moviegoers back into theaters and boosted revenue. In addition, the sequel itself was simply more attractive, with perfect word-of-mouth recommendations and a cast that included Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, and newcomers Austin Butler and Florence Pugh.

The film is also likely to benefit from the growing trend in premium viewing experiences, of which many will include Imax among them. It is not a tiny financial endeavor. The movie, a joint venture between Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment, cost $190 million in production, followed by an additional $100 million for global promotions.

However, that investment seems to be paying rich dividends. A host of other familiar faces—who round out the cast that includes Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin, and Stellan Skarsgård—flesh out the story of one man's struggle to live and the other's destiny hanging in the balance.

With each passing day that "Dune: Part Two" draws nearer to the $700 million mark, it stamps the film as no less than a behemoth at the box office and an actual turning point in cinema history.

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