X Games Host Selema Masekela Praises Travis Kelce as 'Absolute Realest Dude'

Taylor Swift's new album subtly nods to romance

by Zain ul Abedin
X Games Host Selema Masekela Praises Travis Kelce as 'Absolute Realest Dude'
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Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs star, recently proved himself to be more than just an exceptional athlete during a captivating one-on-one interview with X Games host Selema Masekela, who described Kelce as "the absolute realest dude ever." The meeting, which took place in a cozy kitchen setting, was documented in an Instagram post by Masekela on April 17, showcasing the genuine connection between the two.

The sports world buzzed with excitement as Masekela shared insights from his "?'s only kinda week," which also included a memorable encounter with Olympic surfer Carissa Moore at her book launch in New York City, celebrating Hawaiian culture.

The back-to-back events highlight Masekela's dynamic week, starting with Moore's event at Brooklyn's Pilgrim Surf + Supply, and culminating in a spontaneous interview in Los Angeles with Kelce, arranged at the last minute.

Masekela's enthusiasm was palpable as he shared another snapshot from the interview, adding a playful note about Kelce's well-known admiration for the X Games. This no doubt thrilled fans of both the sportscaster and the football player.

Their meeting was serendipitous, occurring just days before the release of Taylor Swift's album "The Tortured Poets Department," which features veiled nods to her relationship with Kelce.

Swift, Kelce's Romantic Highlights

In her latest work, Swift alludes to their romance in several tracks.

Notably, the song "So High School" includes the lyric "In the blink of a crinkling eye," a charming reference to Kelce's distinctive smile. Moreover, the album revisits a playful moment from Kelce's past during a 2016 AfterBuzz TV segment where he engaged in a game of "Kiss, Marry, Kill," choosing Swift for a kiss, which fans have delightfully rediscovered.

Swift’s album release day was marked by another surprise - a cameo by Kelce in a YouTube Shorts video promoting her single "Fortnight." In a sweet home video segment, Kelce affectionately kisses Swift on the cheek while she cooks, adding a personal touch to the album’s launch.

Their recent appearance at Coachella on April 13 further fueled public interest, as the couple enjoyed performances by artists like Ice Spice, Dom Dolla, and Bleachers, visibly enjoying each other's company and the festival vibes.

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