Dominc West Backs Co-Star: Ruth Wilson's Claims About 'The Affair' Validated

Ruth Wilson's on-set discomfort becomes a focal point.

by Nouman Rasool
Dominc West Backs Co-Star: Ruth Wilson's Claims About 'The Affair' Validated
© Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

British actor Dominic West, most famous for his role as the unorthodox detective McNulty in "The Wire," just tweeted his support for Ruth Wilson, an actress he used to share the screen with on the Showtime drama "The Affair." Wilson suddenly exited the series after its fourth season and had previously raised issues with the show's environment, specifically intimate scenes.

In an illuminating interview with The Times of London, West reflected on his experiences alongside Wilson during the production of "The Affair," where he starred for all five seasons. Although initially reticent, West confirmed Wilson's allegations about the set's atmosphere, noting that after many discussions with her, he acknowledged the legitimacy of her concerns.

"We talked a lot about it and I suppose I did experience it. I don't really like talking about it but ... yeah, everything Ruth has said is absolutely right," West stated, lending significant credence to Wilson's earlier claims.

"Wilson's Unease Confirmed

Wilson had remarked in a 2020 interview that she often did not "feel safe" on set and criticized the disproportionate focus on her reactions in s----- scenes, a point now substantiated by West's recent comments.

Her departure from the show had sparked widespread speculation, compounded by rumors of a non-disclosure agreement that might have initially prevented her from discussing the details publicly. Further adding to his diverse acting portfolio, West also shared insights into his portrayal of Prince Charles in the final two seasons of Netflix's "The Crown." Despite his extensive experience, he humorously confessed to struggles with embodying aristocratic roles, a sentiment echoed by his wife, Catherine FitzGerald.

"My wife who is genuinely upper class, always tells me, ‘You’re much better in the working-class parts, you’re not very good as upper class, you’re not convincing at all.’ And I agree with her," he revealed.

West's self-awareness extends to his broader career, where he feels most at home in roles that resonate with his inherent qualities, such as the gritty Jean Valjean in "Les Misérables" and a distinctive take on Iago in "Othello." His candid reflections highlight a nuanced understanding of his strengths as an actor, preferring authenticity over conforming to stereotypical molds, particularly those involving upper-class portrayals.

This blend of personal insight and professional integrity not only underscores West's support for his former co-star but also enriches the narrative of his ongoing journey in the acting world.