Jason Griffith Weighs In on Keanu Reeves Joining 'Sonic' Cast

Jason Griffith discusses industry evolution and casting dynamics

by Zain ul Abedin
Jason Griffith Weighs In on Keanu Reeves Joining 'Sonic' Cast
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Jason Griffith, a voice actor renowned for his portrayal of both Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog in the popular video game series, has openly expressed his support for Keanu Reeves’ casting as Shadow in the upcoming third installment of the 'Sonic' film franchise.

Speaking to TMZ, Griffith commended the choice, emphasizing that he harbors no resentment over not being asked to reprise his role for the big screen adaptation. Griffith, who has lent his voice to the character in numerous games and TV adaptations over nearly a decade, remarked on the transition, stating, “One of the many rewards of being in this business is being asked to voice a character that’s so beloved and means so much to so many people.

And then, to share that character with someone like Keanu... I mean, it’s such an honor”. The seasoned voice actor also shared that Reeves was his personal pick for the role once speculation began about who would voice Shadow in the film.

“I think even his natural speaking voice lends itself to Shadow so well. It’s a great choice,” Griffith added, underscoring his approval of the casting decision.

Griffith Embraces Change

This isn't Griffith's first experience with casting shifts within the 'Sonic' universe.

Despite his long tenure as the voice behind Sonic and Shadow, Griffith was not chosen to portray Sonic in the film series—a role that ultimately went to comedian Ben Schwartz. Nevertheless, Griffith remains positive about the direction of the franchise, acknowledging the filmmakers' desire to inject fresh perspectives into the beloved series.

Griffith’s gracious response highlights his understanding of the entertainment industry's dynamics and its continual evolution. He expressed contentment with how the new films have introduced the 'Sonic' universe to a broader audience, revitalizing interest in the iconic characters.

In addition to his endorsement of Reeves, Griffith offered some friendly advice to the esteemed actor. As the 'Sonic' franchise prepares to introduce its latest chapter, Griffith’s supportive stance exemplifies his professionalism and dedication to the enduring legacy of the characters he has helped shape.

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