Taylor Swift Fans Uncover Travis Kelce Easter Egg in 'So High School Lyrics and Video

Swift's Latest Track Sparks Fresh Romance Rumors.

by Nouman Rasool
Taylor Swift Fans Uncover Travis Kelce Easter Egg in 'So High School Lyrics and Video
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Taylor Swift's latest music release is stirring up more than just chart-topping melodies—it's igniting rumors of romantic nods to her NFL beau, Travis Kelce, particularly in her new track "So High School" from the double album "The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology." At age 34, the "Fortnight" singer seems to subtly highlight her relationship with the football star through clever lyrical cues and visual hints embedded in the track's accompanying lyric video.

Dedicated Swifties didn't take long to decode what appears to be a sweet acknowledgment of Kelce. Notably, at the 40-second mark of the video for "So High School," the lyrics "cheeks pink in the twinkling lights" flash across the screen.

Here, fans spotted a significant detail—the initials "TK" from "twinkling" and "TS" from "lights" were selectively colored in light pink, symbolizing the initials of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. This artistic choice sparked a flurry of reactions on X (formerly Twitter), with one user expressing, "I’m never recovering from TS and TK being highlighted in light pink."

Kelce's Playful Nod

Further stirring speculation, the backdrop for these lyrics features large stadium lights, reminiscent of those at high school football games, subtly alluding to Kelce's professional realm.

The internet buzz doesn't stop there. Following the album's release, several fans connected the lyric "Are you gonna marry, kiss or kill me?" directly to Kelce. This reference traces back to his playful response during an AfterBuzz TV interview, where he was asked to categorize Swift, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry into marry, kiss, or kill options, cheekily placing Swift in the "kiss" category.

Kelce himself hinted at the personal connection to the song by sharing a video on his New Heights podcast where he impersonates his father—mirroring Swift's lyrics, "I feel like laughing in the middle of practice / Do that impression you did of your dad again." Adding to the romantic narrative, promotional videos for Swift’s lead single "Fortnight" on YouTube Shorts showcased tender moments between the couple.

One poignant scene features Kelce kissing Swift on the cheek as she cooks, while another captures them hand-in-hand, enveloped in lights during a world tour stop. Swift even sported a red pickleball paddle emblazoned with the Kansas City Chiefs logo in a supportive nod to Kelce's team.

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