Sen. Josh Hawley Caught in Contradiction After Complaints on Fox News

Infrastructure debate highlights deep divisions in U.S. politics

by Zain ul Abedin
Sen. Josh Hawley Caught in Contradiction After Complaints on Fox News
© Andrew Harnik/Getty Images

Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) found himself at the center of controversy during a recent appearance on Fox News, where he lamented the deteriorating state of American infrastructure. However, critics were quick to highlight his opposition to the 2021 bipartisan infrastructure bill, which aimed to address many of the issues he cited.

During his conversation with host Laura Ingraham, Hawley expressed frustration with the current condition of the nation's roads and bridges, saying, "It just strikes me that more and more, nothing really works in America anymore.

Our roads are falling apart; our bridges are falling right in front of our eyes. Pieces of airplanes are falling out of the sky." The Senator went on to criticize the federal government's spending priorities, arguing that too much attention and resources are being directed overseas.

"And yet, at the same time, what do the Congress of the United States and the president want to do? Spend hundreds of billions of dollars more on foreign wars," he added, with a pointed reference to ongoing financial support for Ukraine amidst its conflict with Russia.

Hawley Opposes Infrastructure Bill

Senator Hawley was among the 30 Republican senators who voted against the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill in 2021. Despite his opposition, the bill received bipartisan support, passing with the backing of 19 Republican senators alongside all Democrats.

The legislation was a cornerstone of President Joe Biden's agenda and included substantial investments in highways, bridges, airports, and other critical infrastructure projects. At the time, Hawley dismissed the bill as influenced by "radical left woke politics," a stance that has fueled ongoing debate about the priorities and direction of U.S.

fiscal policies. The division within the Republican Party over support for Ukraine was underscored just a day after Hawley's comments as the House moved forward with a $95 billion foreign aid package. The package, which includes support for Ukraine, Israel, and other allies, advanced with the help of Democrats who joined some Republicans to counterbalance opposition from a hard-right faction within the GOP.

As America grapples with domestic challenges and international commitments, the debate over national priorities continues to be contentious. It reflects deeper political divides and the complex landscape of U.S. policy making.