Minister Saves Tom Selleck's Wedding After License Forgotten

Tom Selleck shares insights on marriage and personal growth

by Zain ul Abedin
Minister Saves Tom Selleck's Wedding After License Forgotten
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Tom Selleck's nearly derailed wedding to Jillie Mack in 1987 turned out to be an unforgettable adventure, one that the esteemed "Blue Bloods" actor cherishes deeply. In a candid revelation to PEOPLE, Selleck recounted the chaotic yet memorable moments that almost prevented their special day from happening.

On August 7, 1987, at a quaint chapel near Lake Tahoe, Nevada, the couple planned to exchange vows in an intimate ceremony attended by only a close circle of friends and family. However, just moments before the ceremony, a vital oversight threatened to cancel the proceedings: they had forgotten the marriage license.

Selleck, 79, vividly remembers the confusion that unfolded just as his bride-to-be, then 66, was preparing in a small adjoining room. "There was this commotion," Selleck recalled. "Jillie, who can articulate her thoughts rapidly and loudly, was in the midst of it, and soon enough, we realized the license was missing." The situation seemed dire until the reverend overseeing their ceremony stepped in with a solution that saved the day.

"Reverend David, bless his heart, decided to proceed with the signing of the marriage document regardless," Selleck explained. Demonstrating exceptional dedication, the reverend personally traveled to Reno to retrieve the necessary paperwork, allowing the couple to enjoy their wedding dinner without further interruptions.

Chapel Charm & Lasting Love

The venue, despite its simplicity and Astroturf decor, was transformed into something special by the efforts of the reverend and his wife. Selleck noted their dedication to making the environment "just right" for their modest yet significant celebration.

Reflecting on the foundation of their long-lasting marriage, Selleck attributes much of their success to Mack's independence and vibrant lifestyle. "Jillie has always been very active and involved in her pursuits," he said.

He reminisced about how, during her first extended stay in Hawaii, Mack insisted on roller skating practice to prepare for an audition for "Starlight Express," even if it meant visiting the set only in the late hours. The couple's marriage has been enriched by shared experiences and mutual respect, leading to a strong bond that was evident from the early days of their union.

They welcomed their daughter, Hannah Margaret Selleck, in December 1988, adding to Selleck's family which also includes a son, Kevin, whom he adopted during his first marriage.