Mike Lindell Braces for Court Amid Financial Strain

Mike Lindell grapples with soaring legal expenses

by Zain ul Abedin
Mike Lindell Braces for Court Amid Financial Strain
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Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, may soon be compelled to appear in court over concerns regarding his financial ability to cover legal fees owed to voting machine company Smartmatic. This development arises amidst ongoing defamation lawsuits initiated by Smartmatic and another voting machine company, Dominion Voting Systems, as well as a former Dominion employee, Eric Coomer.

These parties claim Lindell's baseless assertions that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulently stolen from Donald Trump have significantly harmed their reputations. Courts and independent election authorities have consistently debunked such allegations of election fraud.

In response to these accusations, Lindell filed counterclaims against Dominion and Smartmatic, which were dismissed in 2022. Subsequently, the court-mandated Lindell to compensate Smartmatic for some of its legal expenses incurred during its defense.

In a recent legal motion, Smartmatic has petitioned for a status hearing within the next 30 days due to concerns that Lindell’s precarious financial situation could potentially affect his ability to settle the owed fees.

This request follows revelations that Lindell's legal representatives, as of last October, claimed he was millions of dollars behind in payments.

Lindell's Legal Cost Crunch

Lindell has openly discussed the financial burdens imposed by these legal battles.

In a December conversation with Newsweek, he disclosed that legal costs had soared to $2 million monthly, prompting him to switch to more affordable legal counsel. "I had to make a decision two months ago. Our lawyer bills at MyPillow were $2 million a month to fight these frivolous lawsuits and I said, 'This is ridiculous,'" Lindell explained.

The shift to less expensive lawyers, he noted, reduced costs to a fraction of their previous amount. Smartmatic's filing underscores its concern about recovering the legal fees, citing changes in Lindell and MyPillow’s representation due to financial constraints.

The document reads: "Given Lindell and MyPillow's recent representations about their financial condition, including the need to hire new counsel, Smartmatic is concerned about its ability to collect 'the fees and costs incurred in defending itself and moving for sanctions under Rule 11.'

" Additionally, Lindell remains active in the political arena. In March, he requested that the Supreme Court expedite a lawsuit challenging the use of electronic voting systems in elections, anticipating the upcoming presidential race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

He asserts that this lawsuit will unveil "explosive" evidence that could "shock the world," though it remains to be seen if the court will take up the case.