Matt Gaetz Allegedly at 2017 Party with Minor and Drugs, Claim States

Ethics Committee Probes Gaetz's Conduct Amidst Allegations

by Zain ul Abedin
Matt Gaetz Allegedly at 2017 Party with Minor and Drugs, Claim States
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The House Ethics Committee is currently examining claims that Representative Matt Gaetz was involved in drug use while serving as a Congressman, according to multiple insiders familiar with the inquiry. This scrutiny is part of a broader investigation into allegations of misconduct by the Florida lawmaker.

Sources reveal that committee investigators have been probing whether Gaetz was under the influence of drugs at several Florida gatherings after he joined Congress in 2017. The focus on Gaetz's alleged drug use comes amid various other accusations, including involvement with a minor.

A pivotal element of the committee's investigation is a sworn statement obtained from a 20-year-old woman who attended a 2017 party with Gaetz. This event reportedly included alcohol and drugs such as cocaine and MDMA. In her statement, she recalls seeing a minor who was central to a prolonged Justice Department probe concerning allegations that Gaetz engaged in s-xual activities with her when she was 17.

This minor was allegedly seen n-ked at the party, which also featured rooms purportedly designated for s-xual activities with adult men present, including Gaetz.

Gaetz Denies Allegations

Gaetz has consistently denied any wrongdoing, including previous allegations about engaging in s-xual relations with a minor.

The Justice Department, after a lengthy investigation, informed Gaetz in 2023 that it would not press charges against him. However, this sworn statement, while not primarily about Gaetz, aligns with ongoing concerns about his conduct.

In response to inquiries about his attendance at the 2017 party and subsequent drug use, a spokesperson for Gaetz denied both allegations, maintaining the congressman's stance of non-involvement in the said activities. The House Ethics Committee's refusal to comment on ongoing investigations adds a layer of complexity to the situation.

This probe's developments follow former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's public statement attributing his removal partly to pressure to halt the investigation into Gaetz. McCarthy accused a congressman of demanding he interfere with the Ethics probe over a relationship with a minor - a charge Gaetz refuted as false.

As the investigation continues, Gaetz faces further scrutiny. He was recently subpoenaed to testify in a civil suit brought against a close associate, potentially leading to more revelations in his June deposition. This comes amidst his pointed questions to Hunter Biden about drug use during a House Oversight Committee session, highlighting a stark contrast between his public interrogations and personal controversies.