Jack Antonoff 'Overwhelmed' by Tortured Poets Release, Sends Love to Taylor Swift

Exploring the enduring collaboration between two musical titans

by Zain ul Abedin
Jack Antonoff 'Overwhelmed' by Tortured Poets Release, Sends Love to Taylor Swift
© Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Jack Antonoff has once again taken to social media to express his deep admiration and affection for Taylor Swift following the release of her latest album, "The Tortured Poets Department," which debuted on April 19. Antonoff, who is a frequent collaborator and close friend of Swift, shared his emotions and excitement about the album's reception in a series of heartfelt posts.

In an emotional tweet on X (formerly Twitter), Antonoff wrote, "love this album more than i can say .... love you all very much ... more later very overwhelmed ... love you taylor," capturing the overwhelming response he felt towards the album and its immediate impact on fans.

His posts came shortly after the album's midnight release, highlighting his personal connection to the project and the music community. Antonoff didn't stop there; he also gave a shout-out to specific tracks and their listeners.

In one tweet, he excitedly beckoned fans of the song "Fresh Out The Slammer," with "!! FOTS heads lets go !!", and in another, he called out to fans of "Down Bad," showing his engagement with the audience's reactions to different songs on the album.

As the producer behind "The Tortured Poets Department," Antonoff's role was pivotal in shaping the album's sound, which features 16 standard tracks. Notably, the album includes collaborations with artists like Post Malone and Florence + The Machine, adding to its eclectic and star-studded feel.

Profound Creative Alliance

The partnership between Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff dates back to 2012, starting with their collaboration on the song "Sweeter Than Fiction" for the movie soundtrack of "One Chance." Since then, their creative synergy has produced some of Swift’s most iconic albums, including the Grammy-winning "1989" and "Folklore." Antonoff's influence extends beyond Swift’s discography, having worked with several of her musical peers, including Lana Del Rey and Lorde.

In a March interview with the Los Angeles Times, Antonoff lauded Swift's songwriting prowess, comparing questioning her talent to "challenging someone’s faith in God," underscoring the profound respect he has for her skills.

Recently, Swift and her boyfriend, Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, were spotted at Coachella enjoying Antonoff’s performance with his band Bleachers. The couple, along with Bleachers' drummer Sean Hutchinson, were also seen backstage, mingling with the band, as captured in social media posts.

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