Josh Hartnett Stars in M. Night Shyamalan's Newest Thriller, 'Thrilling Trap'

Josh Hartnett entangled in cinematic suspense in new thriller.

by Nouman Rasool
Josh Hartnett Stars in M. Night Shyamalan's Newest Thriller, 'Thrilling Trap'
© John Phillips/Getty Images

M. Night Shyamalan's latest theatrical foray, "Trap," hits cinemas August 9 with Josh Hartnett leading a cast sure to give new dimension to the director's enigmatic catalog of twists. And at 53, Shyamalan really never fails to push the envelope in storytelling, in his pursuit to make a rousing narrative that would turn what is supposedly an ordinary father-daughter outing into a suspense-filled saga.

In "Trap," Hartnett plays a devoted father who surprises his daughter with floor seats at a concert headlined by the fictional pop sensation Lady Raven, portrayed by Saleka Shyamalan—M. Night Shyamalan’s own daughter.

The plot thickens as Hartnett’s character stumbles upon a chilling reality: the concert is a meticulously planned operation by federal authorities to capture a notorious murderer known only as the Butcher.

Concert Trap Unveiled

The newly released trailer from Warner Bros.

offers glimpses of the tension that unfolds as Hartnett's character discovers the dual purpose of the concert. Scenes filled with surveillance and law enforcement agents set a foreboding tone, while a vendor's revelation about the true nature of the event adds to the intrigue, describing the concert as an inescapable trap set for the killer.

Adding a layer of complexity, the trailer teases the possibility that Hartnett's character himself might be the infamous Butcher, showcasing a sequence where he monitors a distressed captive on his phone, his demeanor shifting ominously.

Shyamalan, speaking at a preview event in Los Angeles on April 16, expressed his enthusiasm for casting Hartnett, praising his ability to fully immerse himself in the role. "Josh is very smart and analytical," Shyamalan noted, "He's curated his life in a way that's rich and has a lot to say." This casting choice underscores Shyamalan’s continual search for actors who bring authenticity and depth to their performances.

Further enriching the film's artistic palette, Saleka Shyamalan not only acts but also contributes musically, writing songs and scoring parts of "Trap." Her involvement adds a personal touch to the project, inspired in part by the iconic "Purple Rain" by Prince—a major influence cited by Shyamalan.

The cast of "Trap" also features notable talents such as Hayley Mills, Ariel Donoghue, and Allison Pill, each adding their unique flair to this gripping tale.