Rob McElhenney: Ryan Reynolds Began Our Birthday Prank War

Hollywood Stars Turn Birthdays Into Creative Prank Battles

by Zain ul Abedin
Rob McElhenney: Ryan Reynolds Began Our Birthday Prank War
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Hollywood's playful camaraderie reached new heights as Rob McElhenney divulged details of an ongoing birthday prank war with co-star and business partner Ryan Reynolds. The duo, who co-own the Welsh soccer team Wrexham A.F.C., have turned their birthdays into a battlefield of jests, each more elaborate than the last.

McElhenney shared these amusing anecdotes during his appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on April 17. The rivalry ignited in 2022 when Reynolds launched the first salvo on McElhenney’s birthday. “He started it,” McElhenney declared on the show.

Recounting the inception, he explained how a seemingly ordinary day turned into a humorous spectacle. “On my birthday, April 14, my wife Kaitlin yelled down to check Instagram. What I found was a video from Ryan showcasing a ‘memorial urinal’ he dedicated to me at the stadium in Wales, humorously misnamed with the middle name ‘Lucinda’ and even featuring a plaque with my face”.

The antics escalated the following year when McElhenney retaliated with a grand gesture of his own. “I arranged for a blimp to fly over Wrexham, displaying a less-than-flattering image of Ryan from his role in 'Deadpool', post-burn scars,” he chuckled.

This stunt, however, wasn’t just about humor - it briefly tangled them in Welsh aviation legalities.

Pranks Reach New Heights

This year, Reynolds' creativity reached new levels. Kimmel revealed a hand-drawn portrait of McElhenney, mimicking Kate Winslet's iconic pose in "Titanic," complete with its own dedicated merchandise website.

McElhenney humorously noted that this prank coincided with other historically significant April 14 events, like the sinking of the Titanic and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, adding a layer of ironic gloom to his special day.

Reynolds didn’t stop there. He crafted a fictitious narrative of an underwater expedition searching for Wrexham Lager, allegedly aboard the Titanic, which instead unearthed a sketchpad featuring McElhenney’s comical portrait.

This drawing is now set to be displayed in the TyPawb Gallery, Wrexham, humorously elevating McElhenney to the status of a gallery-exhibited artist. Their prank war, a testament to their spirited friendship, began in earnest on McElhenney’s 45th birthday with Reynolds’ initial jest, and it shows no signs of slowing.

As the two continue to one-up each other, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in this hilarious saga of camaraderie and creativity. Each prank not only entertains but endears the stars further to their audience, showcasing a lighter side of their personalities amidst their professional endeavors.

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