Tom Selleck Avoids Texts and Emails, Struggles with Writing

Exploring Tom Selleck's unexpected journey through the acting world

by Zain ul Abedin
Tom Selleck Avoids Texts and Emails, Struggles with Writing
© Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

In a revealing interview with PEOPLE for their latest cover story, Tom Selleck opens up about his deliberate distance from modern technology. He discusses his upcoming memoir, You Never Know, set to release on May 7. At 79, the esteemed 'Blue Bloods' actor maintains only a minimal connection with technology.

"Occasionally, I've looked up my name," Selleck shares, noting his online activity began with his memoir's release. Despite his prolific career, he confesses, "I've never sent my own email. I had a secretary. I've never texted anybody." Selleck's disconnection from electronic communication does not imply a disconnection from people.

He reveals that his wife, Jillie Mack, 66, whom he met in 1983 in London, often sends texts on his behalf. "I have a certain luxury where I probably couldn't survive otherwise," he admits. "But I don't know. I have a hard time writing things down, which is ironic for a guy who's pushing a book."

Accidental Acting Career

You Never Know, published by Dey Street Books, a HarperCollins imprint, delves into Selleck's "accidental career" in acting.

The memoir spans his journey from early roles in dramas like The Young and the Restless to his iconic turn as Thomas Magnum in the '80s hit Magnum, P.I. , and later, popular roles in Friends, Three Men and a Baby, and Las Vegas.

Reflecting on his unique path through Hollywood, Selleck says he never pursued acting out of passion but rather out of a desire to work diligently. "I don’t have the hooks that a lot of people do," he explains. "I didn’t rehabilitate myself or have a tragic life.

I've had my own share of ups and downs, but I’ve been very fortunate." Away from the limelight, Selleck enjoys the tranquility of his 63-acre ranch in Ventura County, California, where he appreciates nature and the seasonal bloom of wildflowers.

Not an avid TV viewer, Selleck prefers reviewing scripts for Blue Bloods, which is nearing its conclusion. His advice to aspiring actors is candid: "If you’re going to get into the acting business, you better develop a taste for it," he suggests, reflecting on the perseverance required to succeed in such a competitive industry.

You Never Know is a testament to Selleck's enduring career and his insights on life, now available for preorder at all major bookstores.