Orlando Bloom Experiences 'Extreme Torture' Filming New Adventure Series, Cries

Discover Orlando Bloom's transformative adventure in his latest series

by Zain ul Abedin
Orlando Bloom Experiences 'Extreme Torture' Filming New Adventure Series, Cries
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Orlando Bloom, the celebrated actor known for his dynamic roles in Hollywood, is now captivating audiences with his latest endeavor, "Orlando Bloom: To The Edge," a travel-adventure series available on Peacock. At 47, Bloom embarks on a journey that tests his physical and emotional boundaries through a series of perilous activities, including wingsuiting, free diving, and rock climbing.

In a revealing interview with PEOPLE, Bloom shared his personal and profound experiences during the filming, particularly highlighting a memorable ascent in Moab, Utah. The episode showcased him conquering the Ancient Art rock formation, a challenging climb that culminates at a precarious summit no larger than a "pizza box." This achievement, he described, was both terrifying and exhilarating, akin to "a lightning rod with a bolt going straight through me." The series not only explores physical feats but also delves into Bloom's past, including a life-threatening fall in his twenties that almost left him paralyzed.

Facing his fears, Bloom described the psychological battle of standing atop the tiny summit, surrounded by a 400-foot drop, as a blend of "fear, terror, and extreme torture."

Spiritual Strength and Guidance

Adding a layer of depth to his journey, Bloom discusses how his spiritual practices, including Buddhist chants, played a crucial role in his mental focus and emotional resilience during these intense moments.

The series captures his emotional outburst of joy and gratitude upon reaching each summit, providing viewers with a raw and unfiltered glimpse into his trials and triumphs. "Orlando Bloom: To The Edge" also emphasizes the importance of expert guidance.

Throughout the series, Bloom is mentored by professionals like Maureen "Mo" Beck, an adaptive climbing expert, and other renowned figures in their respective extreme sports. These experts not only helped him tackle the physical challenges but also imparted valuable life lessons about trust, presence, and resilience.

Bloom's narrative is one of overcoming adversity and embracing each moment with courage and gratitude. His story encourages viewers to confront their own limits and expand their horizons. The series is a testament to the human spirit's capability to endure and excel, making it a must-watch for those who seek inspiration and adventure.

Watch all three riveting episodes of "Orlando Bloom: To The Edge" now streaming on Peacock, and join Bloom on his journey of self-discovery and extreme adventure.