Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back at Trump's Odd Tirade with Bold Jailhouse Retort

Jimmy Kimmel revisits Oscar night with biting humor

by Zain ul Abedin
Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back at Trump's Odd Tirade with Bold Jailhouse Retort
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel, the seasoned late-night host, unleashed a sharp retort on his Wednesday show, responding to former President Donald Trump's vehement criticisms earlier that day. Trump's rant, riddled with inaccuracies, targeted Kimmel over a joke made at the Oscars - an event that continues to stir controversy weeks after its conclusion.

During his monologue on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", Kimmel highlighted the singular accuracy in Trump’s barrage of comments posted on Truth Social, humorously noting that "literally everything else is not just wrong, but maybe-we-should-be-worried-about-him wrong." Kimmel’s remarks underscored a growing concern, playfully suggesting, "Like maybe-we-should-take-the-keys-away-from-grandpa wrong." The origins of Trump's ire trace back to a quip Kimmel made during the Oscars broadcast, poking fun at the former president.

Recounting the incident live on his show, Kimmel replayed the moment where he thanked Trump for his viewership, quipping, “Thank you, President Trump. Thank you for watching, I’m surprised you’re still [up].

Isn’t it past your jail time?” This jest, which quickly became a viral sensation, seems to have deeply irked Trump, prompting a series of rebuttals including his latest social media outburst.

Kimmel's Oscar Encore

Kimmel didn't shy away from highlighting the personal and legal turmoil surrounding Trump, reminding viewers, “This man, who was our president, is on trial.

He has 34 criminal charges against him. He’s still mad about the Oscars!” The host emphasized the peculiar fixation Trump maintained over the Oscar night joke, noting its singular prominence in Trump’s narrative five weeks after the event.

Amid laughter from the audience, Kimmel replayed the infamous Oscar clip, showcasing the crowd of celebrities reacting with amusement at the jab aimed at Trump. The continuous engagement with the joke evidently struck a chord, prompting Kimmel to reconsider an offer he had initially planned to decline.

“Kimmel also revealed he had been asked to host again next year, and was planning to turn it down - but now might take the gig after all,” he teased. Concluding his segment with a cheeky nod to Trump’s potential future, Kimmel said, “Maybe you can watch on the TV in the rec room at Rikers with all the guys,” a line that once again drew laughter and applause, proving that in the world of late-night television, comedy is often a conduit for sharper political commentary.