Rob Schneider Refutes Claims of Being Ejected from GOP Event Comedy Set

Comedian Rob Schneider stands firm on his comedic material.

by Nouman Rasool
Rob Schneider Refutes Claims of Being Ejected from GOP Event Comedy Set
© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Rob Schneider, the comedian, has fired back at the recent Politico report suggesting his comedic performance at a GOP event was aborted due to the controversial nature of his material. According to sources, who requested anonymity, the event was hosted at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria in Los Angeles in the latter part of 2023, and it is said to have drawn a notable crowd of about 150 people—40 of whom were Senate chiefs of staff.

Politico's coverage indicated that Schneider, a former "Saturday Night Live" star known for his roles in popular comedies like "The Hot Chick" and "Grown Ups," was forced off stage merely 10 minutes into his act by James Kimmey, the Executive Director of the Senate Working Group.

The reason cited was the "raunchy" nature of his jokes, including a particularly edgy one about "Korean whore-houses," which supposedly drove Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith to leave the venue in disgust. This incident reportedly led to an apology being issued to attendees the following day.

Schneider Defends Act

However, in a spirited response to TMZ, Schneider refuted these claims, asserting that he completed his entire 50-minute set without interruption. He emphasized that the material he used was part of his 2020 Netflix special and remained unapologetic about his comedic style.

"I'm not changing my material or apologizing for my jokes to anybody. Enough with this woke bulls-. America's sick of it," Schneider told TMZ. He confirmed receiving a $50,000 appearance fee and humorously noted the depreciation of this amount due to inflation, using it as an opportunity to critique President Joe Biden's economic policies.

Schneider's transition from a comedic actor to a controversial figure in political discourse has been marked by his outspoken views and participation in polarizing debates. His critique of what he perceives as Hollywood's liberal bias and his stance against "cancel culture" have been well-documented, notably in a June 2023 Rolling Stone article titled "The Red Pilling of Rob Schneider: A Complete Timeline." This transformation is underscored by his appearance on Glen Beck's podcast, where Schneider declared, "I don’t care about my career anymore," highlighting his greater concern for the societal landscape his children will inherit.

This incident underscores the increasingly blurred lines between entertainment and politics, illustrating how even a comedy set can become a flashpoint in the broader cultural conflicts defining contemporary American discourse.