Joe Biden Slams Trump on Hush-Money Trial

Biden focuses on boosting economy, courts Midwest voters.

by Nouman Rasool
Joe Biden Slams Trump on Hush-Money Trial
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At one rare, candid moment during his speech to the United Steelworkers union headquarters in Pittsburgh, President Joe Biden appeared to hint at the ongoing criminal trial of former President Donald Trump. It was a rare, personal comment on his predecessor's criminal trial—treating the very real possibility of Trump's direct implication in the trial as both a blessing and a curse, as it could prove central to his political future.

Biden's remarks came amidst a fervent three-day campaign across New Hampshire, where he sharply criticized Trump, highlighting what he termed "Mar-a-Lago values" and mocking the poor performance of Trump’s social media venture, Truth Social.

Despite the jibes, Biden has largely steered clear of mentioning the trial directly, which is set to resume with jury selection.

Biden's Economic Crusade

Simultaneously, Biden is utilizing his campaign stops to fortify his economic agenda, particularly in battleground states like Pennsylvania and the Midwest.

His approach is to win the support of the working class—everyone, in fact, who is fought for by himself and Trump—by positioning himself as the great protector of American industry and labor. Further, during his speech, he urged the U.S.

steel industry to assure his promise toward companies like U.S. Steel being owned by Americans. This comes in response to the controversial proposed sale of U.S. Steel to Japan’s Nippon Steel Corporation. Biden assured workers that he would oppose the deal, declaring, “It should remain a totally American company: American-owned, American-operated by American union steelworkers, the best in the world”.

Moreover, Biden took a firm stance against China’s trade practices, accusing the country of undercutting American steel by flooding the market with cheaply produced steel. He announced plans to potentially triple the existing tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum if an investigation by U.S.

Trade Representative Katherine Tai confirms anti-competitive actions. This move mirrors some of Trump’s protectionist trade policies, although Biden was quick to criticize Trump’s broader tariff strategies, which he claimed would indiscriminately affect all imports and cost American families significantly.

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