Stephen Colbert Labels Trump's Hush-Money Case 'Trial of the Century'

Late-night hosts dissect drama in Trump's latest trial.

by Nouman Rasool
Stephen Colbert Labels Trump's Hush-Money Case 'Trial of the Century'
© David Livingston/Getty Images

The spectacle surrounding the second day of Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York captured the nation's attention, punctuated by late-night comedians' irreverent takes on everything from jury selection to the former president’s courtroom naps.

The trial, centered on charges of falsifying business records related to a hush-money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels, has been dubbed by Stephen Colbert of The Late Show as "the trial of what feels like a century." As Tuesday’s proceedings unfolded, Colbert emphasized the slow, yet crucial, wheels of justice turning as seven jurors were selected from an unusually large pool—over 6,000 summonses were sent out, highlighting the case's high stakes and public intrigue.

Colbert humorously suggested that, by the end, iconic New York figures like Times Square's Buzz Lightyear and Lin-Manuel Miranda might be called to serve, painting a picture of a city engrossed and exhausted by the trial's demands.

Courtroom Antics Unfold

Courtroom sketches and potential jurors' quirky comments added color to the day's events. One juror’s indifference due to his remote living situation without wifi elicited Colbert’s envy for a Trump-free solitude.

Meanwhile, Trump’s own demeanor in court—where he reportedly took multiple naps—provided fodder for jokes about his engagement in the proceedings. Jimmy Kimmel of Jimmy Kimmel Live! joined in, lampooning Trump’s drowsiness and suggesting his lawyers might be keeping him sedated to prevent outbursts.

Kimmel didn’t shy away from critiquing Trump’s defense strategies either. Trump's assertion that his payments to Daniels were mere "legal expenses" drew Kimmel’s scorn, pointing out the absurdity of claiming a non-relationship with Daniels while navigating the legal and moral complexities of such payments.

Furthermore, Kimmel highlighted the surreal experience of jurors having their social media histories scrutinized in front of Trump, suggesting the courtroom drama matched celestial fantasies. Dulcé Sloan on The Daily Show also weighed in, helping viewers differentiate this trial from Trump's myriad of other legal battles.

She wittily remarked on Trump’s array of legal challenges, comparing them to a collector's quest in a game of Pokémon, underscoring both the surreal and serious nature of the allegations. The trial’s blend of significant legal implications and bizarre celebrity antics continues to captivate and entertain, illustrating the unique intersection of law, politics, and entertainment in today’s media landscape.

As the trial progresses, it remains not just a legal battle, but a cultural moment, dissected and discussed in every corner of American media.