David Beckham Celebrates Victoria's 50th

Soccer legend honors wife's milestone with heartfelt message.

by Nouman Rasool
David Beckham Celebrates Victoria's 50th
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The 43-year-old former soccer player celebrated his wife's milestone 50th birthday with some affectionate words and a touching video tribute on Instagram. Victoria — one of the most recognized people in the world as a former Spice Girls icon and a successful career in fashion — was lauded by her husband on Wednesday.

In his post, David appreciated his adoration and love toward Victoria, focusing his admiration on the various hats she has worn over the years as a pop star, fashion icon, and business guru, still being an awesome mother to their children.

He wrote, "Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife.As you head into this birthday, look back and be proud of what you've achieved, accomplished, and what you've built, Posh Spice, businesswoman & of course, marrying an England captain," he laughed.

As David summed up, the best of her accomplishments is being the mother to their four children—Brooklyn, 25, Romeo, 21, Cruz, 19, and Harper, 12. He attributed this to guiding and loving them as the foundation of their family.

"But your biggest success are your children, you guide them, love them & teach them.They love you beyond words, we all love you so much x Have a special day you deserve it all. 50 and fit. I AM BEING HONEST." They got married in July 1999 and, since then, the two have been very strong in support of each other's work.

Victoria, with their children, most recently attended the premiere of David's Netflix docuseries "Beckham," which is set in October 2023 and chronicles his illustrious career and life.

Celebrating Victoria at 50

As Victoria enters her fifth decade, tributes have poured in on social media hailing her not just for past glories but as a continued influence in the world of fashion and a cultural figure.

Her journey from pop stardom to fashion mogul and mother personifies the globe-trotting career of one of pop's most successful females. This was, therefore, this public marking of Victoria Beckham's 50th birthday by David Beckham, showcasing the same not only as one of their personal milestones but symbolizing their long-continued partnership and standing by each other through thick and thin, which had endeared them to the public over the years.

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