Tom Selleck on Luck, Love, and an 'Accidental' 40-Year Career

Exploring Tom Selleck's unexpected journey in life and acting

by Zain ul Abedin
Tom Selleck on Luck, Love, and an 'Accidental' 40-Year Career
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Tom Selleck, the revered star of "Blue Bloods," is set to unveil his memoir "You Never Know" on May 4, providing an intimate look into the serendipitous turns of his enduring career and personal life. At 79, Selleck finds tranquility on his sprawling 63-acre Ventura County ranch in California, a significant change from the bustling New York City set of "Blue Bloods." This retreat, though marked by the scars of droughts that ravaged its century-old oaks and avocado trees, has witnessed nature's resilient comeback, a metaphor perhaps for Selleck's own life and career.

Selleck, a fixture in Hollywood for over five decades, didn't find his breakthrough until the age of 35 with his role in the iconic '80s series "Magnum, P.I.," which earned him an Emmy. Despite his undeniable charm and rugged looks, Selleck never quite embraced the celebrity lifestyle or the heartthrob status it bestowed upon him.

His roles in successful films like "High Road to China" and "Three Men and a Baby," and appearances on popular TV shows including "Friends" and "Las Vegas," further cemented his status in Hollywood, yet he maintained a distinct aloofness from the limelight.

Unscripted Life Tales

With "You Never Know," Selleck invites readers to journey through the highs and lows that have colored his professional and personal life. The memoir, penned in longhand over four years - a process delayed by the pandemic - explores his many failures and the perseverance required in the unpredictable world of acting.

Selleck describes his entry into the acting world as unplanned; his career began unexpectedly when he landed a role in a Pepsi commercial followed by a stint on "The Dating Game," without ever having taken an acting class.

Selleck's personal life, shared with his wife Jillie of over three decades and their children, Hannah and Kevin (from his previous marriage to Jacqueline Ray), is deeply entwined with his professional narrative. A self-proclaimed family man, he cherishes the simple moments at home, whether revising "Blue Bloods" scripts or enjoying a quiet evening with a cigar and a glass of whiskey.

Reflecting on his journey, Selleck sees his life as filled with gratitude, despite it not unfolding as he might have imagined. His memoir is not just a recount of a career but an acknowledgment of a life filled with unexpected joys and the unanticipated path of his remarkable journey in Hollywood.

As "Blue Bloods" approaches its final season, Selleck's narrative is a timely homage to a career that mirrors his life - unexpected, successful, and profoundly fulfilling.