David Beckham's $300M Counterfeit Victory

Football icon David Beckham triumphs in major legal dispute.

by Nouman Rasool
David Beckham's $300M Counterfeit Victory
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In a major legal victory, David Beckham has won his case against the counterfeit sellers and received a judgment for nearly $300 million against these online sellers, who mainly were in Asia and were cashing on counterfeit articles.

It is the company of Beckham that handles his most lucrative commercial contracts. DB Ventures took legal action against 150 online counterfeit merchandise sellers for goods ranging from clothing, shoes, fragrance, and hair and body products to soccer balls, posters, computer games, spectacles, jewelry, and watches.

All the products were fake in nature and were being sold in the world's largest online markets—Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. All the counterfeit products were devaluing the brand of Beckham. In his ongoing battle to protect the reputation and brand of his business, Beckham, this last August, was granted an injunction and asset freeze against the forgers.
The court has now gone one step further by granting a permanent injunction against 44 traders who failed to respond to the allegations and awarded damages and legal costs to the tune of $9,990 for each offense The sum, however, is peanuts compared to the $299 million DB Ventures had prayed for in the suit initially.
However, the court ruling successfully put a halt to the counterfeiters’ sale and production of fake goods, effectively putting an end to any counterfeit goods sales and production with Beckham’s name and image

Beckham's Global Influence

The case was so elaborate because the perps were hard to locate.

The Sladkus Law Group, the firm’s intellectual property experts whom Beckham had referred to, said that “the addresses and all other information of the counterfeit sites were wrong most of the time, and that is why it was hard to track them down in a legal sense” Away from the field, Beckham is making headlines in the world of sports through his ownership of the National Football League team Inter Miami.

The team has dominated headlines in the past week when they signed the high-profile footballers Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba, and Luis Suarez, who were Barcelona players. This will not only increase the team’s popularity but it’s a reflection that Beckham’s role in football administration worldwide is gaining recognition.

Legal and professional interests of David Beckham would be sure his name remains to be a living one to date, both in the field and out of the field, to see to it that the integrity and success of the various business and sporting activities are maintained

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