John Wayne Bobbitt Loses Toes Decades After Infamous Mutilation

John Wayne Bobbitt opens up about enduring health woes.

by Nouman Rasool
John Wayne Bobbitt Loses Toes Decades After Infamous Mutilation
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John Wayne Bobbitt, who gained notoriety in the 1990s when his wife cut off his penis, has undergone an amputation on his remaining toes. This series of medical setbacks is attributed to toxic peripheral polyneuropathy, an extremely severe nerve condition with which Bobbitt had been struck from consuming contaminated water from his tap while he was posted at a U.S.

military base in North Carolina. The most likely diagnosis of the condition Bobbitt, for a Marine who was exposed to toxic substances in the course of their work all through the 1980s, was most common: injury to the nerves, which results in the person suffering from both numbness and weakness.

This ultimately led to damage in the nerve, and this further led to osteomyelitis—a critical, infective condition of the bone, resulting in skin ulcers, for which grafting had to be performed. This has been followed by numerous surgical interventions to his toes from then, trying to ameliorate this disabling condition that has left him unable to sustain employment.

Bobbitt's Lingering Battles

The former Marine, now living in Sarasota, Florida, took time to sit down with The Sun and discuss some of the recent struggles that have affected his life since getting out. His health problems have not only paralyzed him physically but also led to great changes in his life since the incident with his ex-wife, Lorena Bobbitt, shocked the country.

This couple's volatile relationship burst into the headlines in 1993 when Lorena cut off John's penis while he was sleeping. She claimed that he had raped and battered her, and then, while driving down a road, threw it out the window.

The case quickly became a media sensation, with Lorena being acquitted later based on grounds of temporary insanity, and John acquitted of the charges of marital se---l assault. Now 57, John looks back at his life and wonders if this diagnosis could be a reason behind the behavior and decision-making he had assumed over the course of a tempestuous marriage.

He wondered if the chemicals changing his cognitive operations could have altered his actions and contributed to the otherwise tragic breakdown of their relationship. John Wayne Bobbitt's penis was surgically reattached. He has since had stints in both pornography and television and worked as a carpenter and driver.

Meanwhile, Lorena went on to use her maiden name, Gallo, and pursued activism that mostly channels her past in advocating against domestic violence. She became the subject of a 2019 docuseries executive-produced by Jordan Peele, "Lorena," which re-examines the events and their fallout, with special focus on her mission.