Glenn Close Unveils Newfound Passion

Glenn Close shared insights at a recent LA event.

by Nouman Rasool
Glenn Close Unveils Newfound Passion
© Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

With the date marked for the Breakthrough Prize awards at the prestigious Los Angeles, celebrated actress Glenn Close is set to share her passion for more learning and personal growth. Its 10th-anniversary gala brought luminaries from the fields assembled to hear Close discuss her latest forays into geography and geopolitics.

The book she is reading now is called *The Revenge of Geography*; in it, she reconfirmed with PEOPLE that indeed, she remains glued to the chasms of the subtleties of global geography for the time being. "I have also bought an atlas and a topographic map of our planet," she added, to substantiate the bought, ensuring that this is understood by the speaker, "to be sure, I make up for my knowledge of the places and know global political dynamics.

Really appalling how poor our knowledge is of other countries, their political entanglements," said Close. This literally, with all its conflicts and alliances, made her understand international news much more easily. "Now when I hear from the news about places like Syria, I will not only know where they are but also what their geopolitical relationships and borders are like," Close said.

This deeper understanding, she feels, enriches her worldview.

Glenn Close's Endless Curiosity

Close also put forth her scientific curiosities, this time with a father who was a surgeon. She recollected that one of the years of her study at William & Mary had something which inspired close to doing scientific research.

It was a professor giving lectures in biology. But a chemistry class made her reconsider her future career in a rather funny way and finally decide that she would rather play a doctor on TV and in the movies than become one in real life.

But, of course, Close is always looking for the most challenging of roles that will take her emotionally and psychologically to the brink. "I always like to choose something which is very different than what I've done before," said Close of her career choices, comparing herself to a character actress who relishes different roles.

Her role in the critically acclaimed series "Tehran," for which she learned Farsi from a coach three times a week, just portrayed her nature of always wanting to challenge herself. "It was very challenging," she admitted; such roles keep her driven and excited about the future possibilities in acting.

Lifelong learning seems to be the glue between Glenn Close's commitment and the choice of versatile careers that continue to inspire her peers and become examples to fans—real fans, who might learn that personal and professional growth continue to thrive, irrespective of the calendar age of their idols.