Zelenskyy Criticizes West's Delay in Aid: 'Rhetoric Doesn't Shield the Sky'

Ukraine calls for stronger global support amid crisis

by Zain ul Abedin
Zelenskyy Criticizes West's Delay in Aid: 'Rhetoric Doesn't Shield the Sky'
© Chris McGrath/Getty Images

In a stark reminder of the escalating conflict in Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has emphatically criticized the delayed assistance from Western allies amidst an overwhelming Russian offensive. Over the past week alone, Russia has deployed over 130 Shahed drones, 80 missiles, and close to 700 guided bombs targeting Ukrainian territories.

Zelenskyy underscored the urgent need for "real protection of lives," rather than mere rhetoric from international partners. The Ukrainian leader pointed out the critical situation in which, despite sanctions, Russia continues to access essential components needed for missile and drone production.

He revealed that each Russian missile is assembled using dozens of imported components smuggled into Russia via neighbouring countries. Similarly, Shahed drones are being stocked with parts that breach international embargoes.

"This has to end," Zelenskyy declared, advocating for a halt to what he described as "the connivance of terror." He emphasized the necessity of stopping Russian aggressions and the global networks that support such military enhancements.

Urging Decisive Action

Drawing parallels, Zelenskyy referenced recent events in the Middle East where Israeli defense systems, supported by allied nations, effectively thwarted aerial threats. He used this example to illustrate the potential of unified military support and modern air defense systems in saving lives.

"The world witnessed true defense capabilities through international solidarity," he stated, pushing for similar decisive action in support of Ukraine. Zelenskyy's comments come at a critical time when Ukraine is pressing its allies for more robust action against Russian military capabilities.

He criticized the ongoing circumvention of sanctions against Russia and the delayed aid, including essential air defense systems which he argued are vital for safeguarding civilian lives and critical infrastructure. Amidst these challenges, Germany has stepped up, pledging additional support with the promise of a Patriot missile system.

Yet, Zelenskyy has voiced that Ukraine needs not one, but 25 such systems to secure its airspace effectively against incessant attacks.