Emily Blunt Confronts Gosling's Ken Obsession on 'SNL'

Ryan Gosling returns to 'SNL' with notable flair.

by Nouman Rasool
Emily Blunt Confronts Gosling's Ken Obsession on 'SNL'
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"Saturday Night Live" goes on a short hiatus after this weekend's standout episode with host Ryan Gosling. This marks Gosling's third time hosting the sketch comedy show, putting him a step closer to the exclusive "5 Timers Club." Fresh off his raved-about Oscars hosting gig, Gosling has shown that he's in it to pitch his new movie "The Fall Guy" with co-star Emily Blunt and not to talk about being "Barbie.

In his opening monologue, Gosling humorously declared his breakup from Ken of "Barbie," as if it were the conclusion of a seriously deep relationship. He quickly cycled back and admitted he didn't know if he was quite ready to let it go.

To help him through this recovery, Gosling then bangs out a soulful take of Taylor Swift's "All Too Well" at the piano, comparing the devastating aftermath of a breakup to parting ways with a beloved TV or movie character.

And Emily Blunt lighted that heavy occasion with her light interruption, including Gosling for a while in their monologue full of "Fall Guy" stunts. She, in turn, kept teasing him about his preoccupation with Ken, even saying that the new verb "to Ken" had been inspired by him.

SNL's Memorable Hiatus

Blunt then professed how she aligned herself with Gosling and talked of her struggle to detach from her "Oppenheimer" character. She then sings a farewell song with Gosling to the audience, and to their roles that still revel in this part of their show.

His presence was also made in the cold open, where he reunited with Kate McKinnon's alien abductee character, Miss Rafferty. The moment was quite surely a call back to a prior—and far goofier—sketch that first included Gosling during his 2015 SNL debut, where he, too, lost his composure.

This, of course, gave yet another clear instance of Gosling's infectious laughter and helped further cement him as one of the most charming and winning hosts for the audience. Saturday Night Live took to its stage to do what the sketch show does best: combine pop cultural commentary with some light, hilarious comedy that has fans tuning in on Saturday night.

And with that, the show is out on hiatus, but fans can only guess what kind of surprises will come next the next time live is on the air.

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