Jesse Palmer Stands with Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist Amid Divorce

Reality TV stars end brief marriage, express future hopes.

by Nouman Rasool
Jesse Palmer Stands with Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist Amid Divorce
© Rob Kim/Getty Images

Out of the world of reality TV comes a remarkable twist: former "Golden Bachelor" stars Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist have decided to call it quits on marriage just three months after tying the knot. The couple, who won hearts on the 28th season of the show, filed for divorce on April 12, shocking followers and fans.

Jesse Palmer, the host of 'The Bachelor,' took to Instagram to express his sentiments about the couple's split. Posting a snap from the season finale of Turner, 74 and Nist, 70, who were shown finally celebrating their union, Palmer reflected on their journey.

Palmer's Heartfelt Support

"My heart is forever between these two beautiful souls," he wrote next to the picture. "I will forever be grateful to have met both Gerry and Theresa and have been able to share a tiny little part of their journey with them.

I have learned so much from these two about life, love, and family. Wishing them nothing but happiness." It was quite shocking news of their separation. The duo in question was actually married in a very "Golden wedding" shown one.

In a joint appearance on "Good Morning America," Turner disclosed that the decision had been mutual and it had come through deep conversations on how they were going to live and what they both needed. Even after the two decided to part ways, Turner and Nist expressed optimism about their respective futures, hoping each would find love again.

Nist, in particular, emphasized the impact of their televised romance, which inspired many older singles to pursue love later in life. "We have received so much love and support... it gave so many people hope," she stated. The geographical distance between them, with Turner based in Indiana and Nist in New Jersey, was cited as a pivotal factor in their decision.

The couple had not filed for divorce yet, but they did have a prenuptial agreement in place, as confirmed on 'Good Morning America.' Their story began when Turner, a widower, chose Nist on the climactic finale of 'Golden Bachelor' in November. The couple's whirlwind televised romance concluded with a January wedding, watched by millions.