Dwayne Johnson Plans to Visit Hawaiian 7-Eleven to Repay for Stolen Snickers

Exploring Dwayne Johnson's transformative journey and growth

by Zain ul Abedin
Dwayne Johnson Plans to Visit Hawaiian 7-Eleven to Repay for Stolen Snickers
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Dwayne Johnson, celebrated for his Hollywood success and rugged charm, has captured the hearts of his global fans and remains the pride and joy of his mother, Ata. In a candid conversation with PEOPLE for their 50th Anniversary issue, Johnson reflects on his journey from a troubled youth to a revered superstar.

The former WWE champion and star of "Black Adam" reminisced about his challenging teenage years in Hawaii, where he frequently found himself in h-t water for minor offenses like fighting and petty theft. Despite the misdemeanours, Johnson credits his mother for her relentless support and love.

"My mom has always been there, always my biggest fan, even when I was a punk kid in high school, getting in trouble, getting arrested," Johnson shared. "She would always say, ‘I feel like the world will hear from you one day.’ And this is as she’s picking me up from the police station!” Johnson's mother's unwavering faith and boundless affection have been a constant in his life.

Her belief in his potential helped him navigate through those tumultuous times, teaching him invaluable lessons about discipline and self-control. "The love was boundless; the support was boundless," he adds, emphasizing that she remains his biggest supporter.

Lessons and Reflections

Over the years, Johnson has reciprocated this affection in grand gestures, such as gifting his mother a new home and organizing a lavish Samoan balloon salute for her 75th birthday. These acts of kindness signify his gratitude and the strong bond they share.

Reflecting on his formative years, Johnson disclosed that his rebellious phase included daily thefts of Snickers bars before his workouts. These minor rebellions, he now realizes, were misguided attempts to deal with his frustrations and confusion about his future.

He humorously advises his younger self, "Go to the gym, it’s all right. But don’t let that [aggression] inform all your decisions”. Johnson's fierce gym routines are well-known today, often highlighted by his legendary 'cheat meals' on Sundays.

However, he clarifies that these indulgences are now always rightfully paid for, signalling his growth and maturity. In a touching resolution, Johnson wants to return to that 7-Eleven in Hawaii to make amends for his past.

"One day, you’re not going to be an ass -. Go back to the 7-Eleven in Hawaii and buy all the Snickers. Pay for them. Then leave them for other people to come in and [enjoy]," he says.

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