Travis Kelce: Ready to Experiment with Fashion, Designer Reveals

Exploring Travis Kelce's dynamic style and personal charm

by Zain ul Abedin
Travis Kelce: Ready to Experiment with Fashion, Designer Reveals
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In an unexpected twist of fate, the fashion world collided with pop culture when NFL star Travis Kelce was spotted donning a KidSuper denim set named after Taylor Swift's iconic 1989 album. The moment quickly escalated into a viral sensation, as revealed by KidSuper's founder, Colm Dillane, in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE at the Fashion Scholarship Fund Gala on April 8.

The outfit, originally dubbed "The Bedroom Painting," underwent a spontaneous renaming by Dillane and his team when they noticed Kelce and Swift leaving Arrowhead Stadium together. Though seemingly trivial, this decision catapulted the ensemble to stardom on social media.

"We did not think it was going to be taken seriously," Dillane confessed. "We thought everyone would assume we had obviously changed it, but wow did it go absolutely viral and become quite a moment, which was cool." The virality of the moment extended beyond typical fashion circles, with Dillane noting that even his friends' mothers were buzzing about the ensemble.

This new level of attention has introduced KidSuper to a broader audience, attracting fans from diverse demographics.

Kelce's Fashion Flair

Kelce, 34, was already familiar with Dillane’s innovative designs before the viral episode.

Before the game, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end sported a camouflage Louis Vuitton outfit, co-designed by Dillane for the label’s fall/winter 2023 menswear collection. Their paths crossed officially when Kelce hosted Saturday Night Live in New York City in March 2023, where he was styled in KidSuper for the promotional shoots.

Dillane reminisced about the time spent with Kelce and his brother, Jason Kelce, noting the NFL star's down-to-earth personality and infectious charm. "He's hilarious and super down to earth and just seems to be very much enjoying life," Dillane shared.

He also highlighted Kelce's adventurous fashion sense, "He's down to experiment and mess around and try new things. I think he's realized, and everyone's realizing, being yourself and being a fun person kind of works, and he's so charming." Despite the whirlwind of media attention, Dillane has not yet met Taylor Swift, although he playfully dressed as the singer for Halloween.

His connection to Swift's music remained a theme at his birthday celebration, blending his personal and professional worlds. Dillane's recent achievements include having soccer legend Ronaldinho Gaúcho walk in his fall 2024 fashion show in Paris.

As he reflects on his journey, Dillane remains optimistic about the unpredictable nature of the fashion industry, dreaming of future collaborations with celebrities like Mike Meyers and Jim Carrey. "It's been quite a journey," he concludes, appreciative of the unexpected doors that have opened along the way.

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