Ryan Gosling Returns to SNL: A Recap of His Funniest Moments

Explore Ryan Gosling's unforgettable comedic moments on SNL

by Zain ul Abedin
Ryan Gosling Returns to SNL: A Recap of His Funniest Moments
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Ryan Gosling is set to captivate audiences again on April 13 when he steps onto the iconic Studio 8H stage to host "Saturday Night Live" for the third time. The acclaimed "Barbie" actor has consistently delighted fans with his memorable performances on the show, and anticipation is high for what new laughs he will bring this time around.

Although Gosling has not yet entered the prestigious Five-Timers Club—a distinction held by comedic greats like Emma Stone, Steve Martin, and Kristen Wiig—his previous stints on SNL have been nothing short of iconic.

Known for his ability to seamlessly blend humor with charisma, Gosling creates memorable moments, particularly when he can't help but laugh during sketches. Gosling's portrayal in "Papyrus" remains a standout among the myriad of skits.

In this hilarious segment from October 2017, he obsesses over the decision to use Papyrus's "lazy" font as the typeface for "Avatar." His comedic frustration as a font enthusiast highlights his versatile acting chops and impeccable comic timing.

Another fan favourite is the "Close Encounter" series, where Gosling first showcased his comedic prowess in December 2015 alongside Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon. The trio played characters who recounted bizarre experiences of being abducted by aliens.

While Gosling and Strong shared relatively positive encounters, McKinnon's character hilariously narrated her less-than-pleasant interactions with extraterrestrials. Gosling's attempts to stifle his laughter became a beloved part of the sketch, adding a layer of humour to the situation's absurdity.

Gosling's Comedy Highlights

Gosling also shined in the "Birthday Party" skit, where he hilariously embodied a dorky dad, struggling to maintain composure as Aidy Bryant's character, a young girl with a crush, tried to lick birthday cake icing off his finger.

His genuine reactions and the onscreen chemistry with the cast further cemented his status as a comedic force on SNL. His role in "Another Close Encounter" had audiences in stitches once again as he reprised his character, this time struggling even more to keep a straight face.

McKinnon's close-up antics as she described bizarre alien interactions proved too much for Gosling, leading to some of the most genuine laughter-filled moments on the show. In addition to these comedic gems, Gosling has also left his mark with sketches like "Italian Restaurant," "Santa Baby," and "Santa & The Elves," where his ability to break character without losing the comedic rhythm added a delightful unpredictability to each skit.

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