Amanda Holden Defends Simon Cowell, Clashes with Osbourne

Celebrity tensions flare on social media over TV comments.

by Nouman Rasool
Amanda Holden Defends Simon Cowell, Clashes with Osbourne
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Amanda Holden made another very bold statement in support of Simon Cowell, who will no doubt get another angry reaction from Sharon Osbourne. A spat that was ignited on social media will add more fuel to what might become a somewhat bitter war of words between the two small-screen personalities.

The controversy was sparked after Holden had hit back at Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh calling them "bitter and pathetic" in response to their derogatory comments about Cowell following their recent stint on the ITV reboot of "Celebrity Big Brother." There, Osbourne and Walsh joked about Cowell’s looks, saying he should have more cosmetic procedures done after what's been uncovered during the episode.

Responding to these comments, Holden told MailOnline that it was like watching "a pantomime," describing the duo as "nasty and awful." In a sharp retort through social media, Osbourne challenged Holden to reiterate before the Cowell's era, as she enjoyed an extravagant life from making a major contribution to the music industry long before Cowell was part of the industry.

She always felt that her inclusion in "The X Factor" gave musical credibility to the show in terms of helping further fuel Cowell's then-burgeoning music empire.

Celebrity Feud Escalates

Holden, who is a long-standing judge on "Britain's Got Talent," has often leapt to Cowell's defense and attributed him with the revival of her own career in 2007 following a year of personal scandals that had dented her public image.

Such controversy was seen in 2018, where Osbourne bluntly said that she would save Cowell from a sinking ship only in the metaphorical sense, but Holden says Cowell appreciates people who, just like him, don't play by the rules.

The slanging match took a personal turn when Osbourne complimented Holden on her looks and talent but lashed her for playing down the achievements she and her husband had independently of Cowell. Holden made a rather light-hearted return to social media after Osbourne's rant, sharing moments from her life, which steered clear of the drama and included family outings.

Representatives for Holden were contacted to provide further comment on this developing dispute. Meanwhile, this celebrity clash was starting to unravel, fan after fan witnessing this war of words unfold.

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