Joe Alwyn Impresses in 'Sensitive' First Audition, Casting Director Praises His Depth

Joe Alwyn's remarkable journey from novice to noted actor.

by Nouman Rasool
Joe Alwyn Impresses in 'Sensitive' First Audition, Casting Director Praises His Depth
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The British actor has been the one to watch ever since his breakout performance in "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk." First spotted by casting director Avy Kaufman when he was still at drama school, it was Oliver's raw talent that fast-tracked his way from obscurity to the glare of the spotlight on major film productions—a path rife with manifold challenges and obstacles that had to be overcome.

Kaufman, a seasoned casting director, shared with PEOPLE her first encounter with Joe Alwyn's unique acting prowess. Despite being a fresh face in the acting scene, Joe Alwyn was recommended by his U.K. agent, prompting Kaufman to request an audition tape with remarkable urgency — within 24 hours.

The swift submission of the tape, showcasing Alwyn’s nuanced performance, convinced both Kaufman and director Ang Lee of his potential, leading to an immediate flight to New York for further auditions.

Alwyn's Cinematic Ascent

For Alwyn—who just had his backpack to his name upon his arrival in the US and who was about to work with the narratives he was soon to put on film—his story took on a very cinematic twist of fate.

"He was so perfect for the role," Kaufman reflected, pointing not only to Alwyn's intuitive understanding of the emotionally complex character but also a soldier in the middle of war and wrestling with personal identity. His capacity to mix with a supporting cast that features Kristen Stewart, Vin Diesel, and Chris Tucker is nothing short of breathtaking and highlights even more the flexibility this actor has.

The actor's next venture is in "Kinds of Kindness," opposite Emma Stone, reuniting the pair after their acclaimed performances in "The Favourite." The film weaves together multiple narratives, including a man striving to reclaim his life, a policeman unsettled by his wife's mysterious return, and a woman’s quest to find a prophesied spiritual leader.

This intricate plot promises to offer a canvas for Alwyn to further showcase his evolving talent. Set for release on June 21, "Kinds of Kindness" is eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike, positioning Alwyn not just as a fixture in the cinematic world but as a beacon of artistic integrity and versatility.

As Kaufman proudly states, facilitating Alwyn's rise feels mutually rewarding: "It’s a gift that we’ve both given each other." This symbiotic relationship between talent and opportunity highlights the essence of filmmaking and the discovery of emerging stars.

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