Ryan Gosling Vies for Chris Stapleton's Nod in SNL Teaser

Gosling and Sherman spark laughs in SNL wardrobe gag.

by Nouman Rasool
Ryan Gosling Vies for Chris Stapleton's Nod in SNL Teaser
© Mike Coppola/Getty Images

In a delightful turn of events that brings a dash of humor to our screens, Ryan Gosling, the charming star from La La Land, found himself out of the loop in the latest Saturday Night Live promotional video, released on Thursday, April 11.

The clip teases Gosling’s upcoming role as host for the show's April 13 episode alongside ten-time Grammy winner Chris Stapleton, who will feature as the musical guest. The promotional video kicks off with Gosling stepping into the spotlight to introduce himself as the host for the upcoming Saturday show.

Standing beside him is Stapleton, effortlessly embodying the spirit of the Wild West with his iconic cowboy hat. The atmosphere takes a comedic twist when Sarah Sherman makes her entrance, decked out in full cowboy attire — including a bolo tie and a fringed shirt, much to Gosling’s apparent chagrin.

Cowboy Chic Clash

In a humorous exchange, Gosling remarks to Sherman, "Sarah, you said it would be weird if we dressed up for Chris." To which Sherman, tipping her hat towards Stapleton, coolly responds, "I dressed up for me, lil’ lady." Her style evidently catches Stapleton's eye, prompting him to compliment her hat, while a somewhat deflated Gosling concedes, "You look so cool." The camaraderie doesn’t end there.

Stapleton, noticing Gosling’s reaction, reassures him with a friendly, "You look good too, Ryan," eliciting a smirk from the movie star. The promo continues to weave humor through its scenes, including a hilarious moment where Sherman claims to have looked into an eclipse, confusing her sense of direction towards the camera.

Both Gosling and Stapleton try to maintain their composure but ultimately burst into laughter as Sherman playfully makes kissy faces at Stapleton. Adding to the pre-show excitement, another snippet from the promotional reel shows Gosling nervously rehearsing his greeting for Stapleton, humorously practicing how he might ask for an autograph with a headshot and marker in hand, before second-guessing himself, "Nah, it’s stupid." The promo is light and engaging, little seen very much like the episode it teases, in which the chemistries of Gosling, Stapleton, and Sherman are on full and hilarious display.

As the day continues and the energy keeps building, fans of this comedy show are likely ready to see just how the funny talent is going to quip to one another in what is likely a very long night of laughter and tuneage.

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