John Legend: Why He'll Always Cherish Singing 'All of Me'

John Legend discusses his ongoing passion for performing live.

by Nouman Rasool
John Legend: Why He'll Always Cherish Singing 'All of Me'
© Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Grammy-, Oscar-, Tony-, and Emmy-winning John Legend, an EGOT holder, who graces the cover of PEOPLE magazine's 50th-anniversary edition with ten more people, shares what makes his signature song "All of Me" such a huge hit.

This touching ballad has already appealed to the hearts of millions of beloveds and, by this, instantly turned into something conventional for performing at weddings around the world. Far from being preordained, it seems the success of "All of Me" was something Legend was pondering in an interview long after the fact.

"You never know what's going to happen with songs," he reflects in the interview. He shared his optimism with his label and urged perseverance: "I had a feeling it was going to be successful. I told my label, 'Keep working on it.'

" His gut feeling must have been right, for within nine months from the August 2013 release of the song, the cut climbed the charts and hit number one in May 2014.

Embracing Timeless Hits

Unlike many artists who might grow weary of their greatest hits, Legend embraces the enduring allure of his.

"I'm really thankful that this song's had that much impact and that people want to hear that song and sing along with it at my shows," he said. The song's resonance is such that Legend relishes every opportunity to perform it, undeterred by its repetition.

The music video for "All of Me" holds a special place in Legend's heart as well. Filmed on the beautiful Lake Como, Italy, with Teigen just days out from the two flying off to their storied wedding, it was a bit of a precursor to their nuptials.

"Nabil Elderkin, who directed the video where Chrissy and I first met, also directed this one," recalls Legend. They shot it the night before their rehearsal dinner, interjoning life's love affair with their professional collaboration.

The singer summed up as he reflected on all that the two have gone through, and the legend celebrates the summing up of the partnership the two have built: the high moments filled with joy, and the low moments that come without fail.

"Chrissy and I have really been through so much together," he said. Teigen is called his best friend, partner, and lover by Legend as he describes a relationship that has been based on mutual love and respect. Luna, Esti, Miles, and Wren's parents, their life together was the perfect example of what family means. True love and devotion echoed and led by the words of "All of Me.