Gerry Turner and Nist: The Inside Story of Their Brief 3-Month Marriage

TV's Golden Bachelor couple faces an unexpected marital split.

by Nouman Rasool
Gerry Turner and Nist: The Inside Story of Their Brief 3-Month Marriage
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Just three months after their vows were exchanged in a live, televised ceremony, Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist, the first couple from the "Golden Bachelor" series, have announced their plans to dissolve their marriage. This decision was shared during a heartfelt appearance on "Good Morning America" on April 12, 2024, where the couple spoke candidly about their struggles to find a mutual living arrangement, notably their failed attempts to settle in Charleston as previously planned.

Despite the romantic beginnings which saw them wed before a national audience, Turner and Nist faced immediate challenges, notably disagreements over where to plant their roots. "We looked at home after home, but we never made that final decision," Nist explained during their morning show interview, highlighting the underlying issues that led to their decision to part ways.

Cherished Moments Recalled

Their love story was not without its tender moments post-marriage, as recalled by PEOPLE magazine, which revisited various anecdotes and shared sentiments from the couple's brief union. Among these was a humorous incident Turner recounted via Instagram.

During a shopping trip, a sales associate cheekily inquired about their time in a dressing room, to which Turner playfully responded, raising laughs all around. Moreover, during their appearance on the "Dear Shandy" podcast, mere weeks before announcing their split, the couple discussed their love languages—physical touch and words of affirmation—showing a glimpse of their affectionate interactions, which Turner demonstrated by tenderly complimenting Nist during the show.

Despite their affection, the dream of their May honeymoon in Italy—envisaged to include stops in Rome, Tuscany, and the Amalfi Coast—will remain unfulfilled. Nist had shared her excitement for the trip on Instagram, reminiscing about her previous visits to Italy and her anticipation of creating new memories with Turner.

Even in the early days of their marriage, Nist took Turner to a diner in New Jersey, echoing their first date on the "Golden Bachelor." Turner humorously noted the prospect of visiting every diner in New Jersey, hinting at plans that were as whimsical as they were ambitious.

Their vows were filled with promises of daily choice, safety, comfort, and joy. However, despite the dissolution of their marriage, both Turner and Nist have expressed a continuing love and friendship for each other, affirming that their separation stems not from a loss of love but from irreconcilable differences in their life paths.