Mike Pence Secures New Role Following 2024 Presidential Campaign

Mike Pence transitions into academia with new teaching role.

by Nouman Rasool
Mike Pence Secures New Role Following 2024 Presidential Campaign
© Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Fresh from his loss in the 2024 presidential primaries, Former Vice President Mike Pence is launching a new act in academia. He will take up a position at one of the elite conservative Christian schools, Grove City College, in Grove City, Pennsylvania.

This role aligns with his longstanding commitment to integrating faith with public service. Pence will join the academic community at Grove City College as a distinguished visiting fellow for Faith and Public Life, a new role that he will be inaugurating.

His appointment coincjsoned the establishment of a new Centre for Faith & Public Life at the college to support the integration of Christian values into public institutions. Pence said he was excited about opening this new chapter and posted pictures of him during the annual college conference hosted by The Institute for Faith & Freedom, where he had time to engage with students.

In this new capacity, Pence will teach not only from an academic standpoint but will also lead one of the programs for the Center that promotes how the Christian faith plays a critical role in the development of society. "I am honored to join Grove City College as a visiting fellow for the new Center for Faith & Public Life," said Pence.

Faith Meets Governance

He stressed that faith and public engagement are in symbiosis, for he traced the roles Christians committed to the common good have played in history in forming society. Drawing from a long political career, including his service as Governor of Indiana and America's Vice President under Donald Trump, the Pence curriculum will explore the confluences of faith and governance.

Such experience from him is expected to fill the academic atmosphere of the place with a new light of understanding for the student in the matters of leadership and integrity in public roles. Paul J. McNulty, President of Grove City College, praised Pence as the ideal candidate for this initiative.

"Mike Pence embodies the virtues of wisdom and integrity so necessary in public life," said McNulty. The center is expected to serve as a platform to dive into critical matters that range from how faith underpins and transcends American public life to the vision of America's Founders regarding the role of faith in governance and how it figures into the life of a leader.

In addition, Pence will serve with McNulty in other faculty roles, writing and speaking on the topic of faith and leadership. Now, the college looks forward to what Pence brings to the table—not just for an elevation in their offerings in education but to shine like a beacon for students who want to take up roles within public service.