RFK Jr Dismisses Staffer for Prioritizing Biden Defeat

Kennedy Campaign Shakes Up Staff Amid Controversial Tactics.

by Nouman Rasool
RFK Jr Dismisses Staffer for Prioritizing Biden Defeat
© Mario Tama/Getty Images

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s presidential campaign faced internal upheaval as Rita Palma, a staffer linked to the campaign, was dismissed following controversial remarks aimed at President Joe Biden. Palma's assertion that defeating Biden was her "top priority" sparked a significant outcry, leading to her immediate termination from the independent candidate's team.

The controversy came to light when a video surfaced online showcasing Palma, purportedly the New York State Director for Kennedy's campaign, addressing a group of GOP supporters.

Her comments suggested an intent to divert votes from Biden, ostensibly aiding Donald Trump's potential candidacy. However, the Kennedy campaign swiftly clarified that Palma's role was limited to ballot access consultation, emphasizing that her actions did not reflect the campaign's strategy or ethos.

Integrity Over Strategy

Amaryllis Fox Kennedy, the campaign manager, emphasized the campaign's commitment to integrity and bipartisan support, stating that Palma's misrepresentation and unauthorized statements led to her prompt dismissal.

The campaign distanced itself from Palma's strategy, reinforcing its goal to garner support across the political spectrum without undermining any particular candidate or party. Despite her ouster, Palma maintained her admiration for Kennedy, describing him as the "best candidate" for the presidency.

Her prior involvement in political activities, including attendance at controversial rallies and vocal support for Trump, further complicated her association with Kennedy's campaign. Kennedy's campaign reiterated its focus on inclusivity and diversity among its supporters, highlighting its aim to engage voters disillusioned with the current political landscape from all sides.

The incident with Palma was described as an unfortunate deviation from this mission, with the campaign eager to move forward and concentrate on its core objectives. This incident sheds light on the complexities of political campaigns, especially for independent candidates navigating the highly polarized American political arena.

Kennedy's team remains focused on their innovative approach to politics, seeking to bridge divides and bring a fresh perspective to the national discourse.