McConaughey Quips on 2005's 'S-xiest Man' Win: 'Still Alive, Still Worthy!'

Exploring McConaughey's Legacy: Family, Fashion, and Philanthropy

by Zain ul Abedin
McConaughey Quips on 2005's 'S-xiest Man' Win: 'Still Alive, Still Worthy!'
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In an enchanting reflection of his enduring charm and evergreen appeal, Matthew McConaughey playfully contends that his 2005 accolade as PEOPLE's S-xiest Man Alive is a title without expiration. The beloved Oscar-winning actor graces the cover of PEOPLE's 50th-anniversary special issue, joining a select cadre of 11 luminaries celebrated within its pages.

At 54, McConaughey's perspective on his coveted title is humorous and spirited. "For the past 19 years, every time a new S-xiest Man Alive is announced, people jest, 'McConaughey, you're no longer the reigning S-xiest Man Alive,'" McConaughey shares with a chuckle.

"And my retort? 'Hey, I'm still breathing, aren't I?'" His witty comeback underscores a playful stance: the title remains his as long as he's alive. McConaughey, who, alongside his wife Camila, is a doting parent to three children, also reminisced about the iconic photoshoot that captured the essence of his s-x appeal.

He confidently chose denim for the shoot, a decision that resonates with him to this day. "Denim, synonymous with the all-American vibe and visually striking in blue, was the perfect choice," he asserts. It's a style choice that continues to serve him well, embodying timeless appeal.

McConaughey: Timeless Charm

The actor also revealed the light-hearted family banter that accompanied his 2005 accolade, particularly the amusing and consistent reactions from his mother, Kay, now 92. "Regardless of the recognition, be it an acclaimed role or the S-xiest Man Alive title, her reaction has always been, 'Well, it's clear where you inherited your looks from,'" McConaughey recounts with a smile.

Beyond the playful discussions and cherished family memories, McConaughey also touched upon his philanthropic endeavors through the Greenlights Grant Initiative. McConaughey's response reflected his adventurous and resilient spirit when asked if he'd offer advice to his younger self.

"I'd let him navigate his path, through the confusions and challenges, just as I did. There's beauty in the journey," he reflects. McConaughey's interview not only revisits a fond moment from his past but also sheds light on the timeless appeal and heartfelt wisdom that he embodies, reminding us that some titles, just like the unforgettable charm of McConaughey, truly are timeless.