Morgan Wallen to Launch Nashville Bar After Alleged Chair-Throwing Arrest

Country Star Ventures Beyond Music Into Nashville's Nightlife

by Zain ul Abedin
Morgan Wallen to Launch Nashville Bar After Alleged Chair-Throwing Arrest
© Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Country music star Morgan Wallen, known for hits like "Whiskey Glasses," sets the stage for a new venture - a distinctive six-story bar and restaurant named This Bar, located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. Despite a recent altercation that led to his arrest, industry experts believe the incident might inadvertently fuel interest in his upcoming establishment.

In an unexpected turn of events over the weekend, Wallen found himself in legal trouble after allegedly throwing a chair from the rooftop of Chief's bar, owned by fellow country artist Eric Church. The Metro Nashville Police Department confirmed Wallen faced charges including three counts of felony reckless endangerment and one misdemeanor count for disorderly conduct.

Following his arrest early Sunday, Wallen was released on a $15,250 bond, with a court date set for early May. Despite the potential for controversy, Wallen's legal woes seem unlikely to dampen the enthusiasm for his bar's opening.

According to Doug Eldridge of Achilles PR, Wallen's "rowdy" public persona could enhance the bar's allure, drawing fans who are attracted to the singer's rebellious image. The incident, while serious, fits a narrative familiar to Wallen's brand, one that celebrates a certain disobedience akin to the legends of Outlaw Country.

Wallen's Bold Venture

Echoing this sentiment, Ted Jenkin of Exit Stage Left Advisors suggested that Wallen's high profile and the recent incident could generate additional interest in This Bar. Wallen's ambition to create a unique venue that embodies the spirit of his music and the camaraderie of country music fans appears undeterred.

The establishment aims to offer a taste of East Tennessee in downtown Nashville, with a menu inspired by Wallen's family recipes and a design that encourages making memories. Wallen's collaboration with TC Restaurant Group promises to bring his vision to life, emphasizing the connection between his musical journey and the new venture.

This initiative follows Wallen's pattern of surmounting personal and legal challenges without significantly impacting his career trajectory. Experts compare Wallen's situation to other celebrities whose personal lives have clashed with their public images, noting that the country singer's fan base might see this incident as an extension of his persona rather than a detraction.

As Wallen and his team move forward with hiring for the new venue, the buzz around the incident at Chief's bar has already sparked curiosity among Nashville tourists. Meanwhile, Wallen's music enjoys widespread popularity, with his albums achieving significant milestones on the Billboard charts.