Mandy Moore Welcomes Her 40s with Open Arms and Joy

Actress and singer Mandy Moore marks a milestone birthday.

by Nouman Rasool
Mandy Moore Welcomes Her 40s with Open Arms and Joy
© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Mandy Moore, the beloved actress known for her role in "This Is Us," has gracefully entered her 40th year, commemorating the occasion with a heartfelt message on Instagram. The post, shared on April 10th, showcased snapshots from a glittering birthday party held over the previous weekend, highlighting Moore's joyful transition into a new decade.

Expressing her eagerness to embrace her 40s with "purpose, intention, and gratitude," Moore shared insights into her birthday celebration, which was anything but ordinary. The event, orchestrated by her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, was a testament to their love, featuring an intimate night of music that included performances by Goldsmith himself and their cherished friend, Mike Viola.

The celebration took place at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, drawing a crowd of close friends and celebrities, including Hilary Duff, to honor Moore.

Mandy's Milestone Celebration

Goldsmith, 38, went above and beyond to make the occasion memorable, from curating personalized party favors to composing a song that emotionally captivated the attendees, leaving many in tears.

Moore didn't shy away from praising her husband, whom she affectionately dubbed "the love of my life," for his thoughtful planning and creative efforts. Further enhancing the sentimental value of the celebration, Moore shared a demo of Goldsmith's song on Instagram.

The touching melody, which narrated their love story, resonated deeply with Moore and her followers alike. The actress's Instagram was quickly flooded with birthday wishes from celebrities and friends, signaling the impact of her joyful spirit and kindness in Hollywood.

Her co-star Chrissy Metz and Duff's husband, Matthew Koma, were among the many who expressed their affection and admiration for Moore. Goldsmith also took to social media to express his adoration for Moore, sharing a series of candid photos and a humorous photoshop creation, showcasing his unwavering love and appreciation.

As Mandy Moore looks forward to the adventures her 40s will bring, her birthday celebration stands as a testament to the love, friendships, and joy that define her life.