Viewers Outraged by 'Gratuitous' Scene in Netflix's Prince Andrew Drama

Netflix's latest royal drama, "Scoop," sparks widespread controversy

by Zain ul Abedin
Viewers Outraged by 'Gratuitous' Scene in Netflix's Prince Andrew Drama
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Netflix's latest cinematic venture, "Scoop," chronicling the notorious 2019 Newsnight interview featuring Prince Andrew, has ignited a firestorm of controversy among viewers. The film delves into the Duke of York's attempt to dissociate himself from the convicted s-x offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Despite numerous pivotal moments designed to captivate the audience, including a peculiar depiction of Prince Andrew's alleged Buckingham Palace bed adorned with teddy bears, a specific scene has unified viewers in disapproval, deeming it extraneous.

This particular segment unfolds after the conclusion of the Newsnight interview, led by Gillian Anderson portraying Emily Maitlis. Following the interview's recording, poised for broadcast on BBC Two, Prince Andrew, portrayed by Rufus Sewell, decides against viewing the airing, opting for a bath instead.

Amidst his attempt to unwind, the prince's mobile phone incessantly alerts him to the public's immediate reactions. The film then controversially reveals a shot of Prince Andrew's bare posterior as he exits the bath, a choice that has sparked widespread debate.

Scoop: Viewer Backlash

Viewers and critics alike have questioned the necessity of this visual, with journalist Rob Lownie summarizing the sentiment: "Rufus Sewell delivers a compelling performance, and while the screenplay prides itself on its sophistication, the exhibition of Prince Andrew's bare posterior was utterly unnecessary." Sewell himself has addressed the scene, disclosing that a prosthetic was utilized for the shot.

"Scoop," now available for streaming on Netflix, is adapted from a memoir by Sam McAlister, the former Newsnight producer responsible for securing the interview with Prince Andrew. The script, crafted by Peter Moffat and Geoff Bussetil, also features performances by Keeley Hawes, Romola Garai, and "S-x Education" star Connor Swindles.

The Independent has published a review of the film, offering an in-depth analysis. Meanwhile, Prime Video is developing a competing project focusing on the same interview, with Emily Maitlis herself endorsing the venture. This version stars Michael Sheen and Ruth Wilson, promising a fresh perspective on the controversial interview that continues to stir public discourse.

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